YesButNo's trash art thread


Everyone’s doing an art thread so im following the fad cuz im a piece of normie trash :ok_hand:
feel free to make requests as im a piece of uncreative shit and i can’t think up my own ideas.

Here’s a pixel art of my ppe btw priest

the inspiration for this happened by pure chance when i put some random cloths on my priest and it ended up looking pretty swanky


That looks pretty damn good. Is pixel art your go-to style, or just fits the situation?


eh since the pixel editor was easy to use I just used it, nothing special,


Still its an underrated style


oh fuck forgot the most important part:

I’m evil hehehe

testify, brother!


what do you use to draw? this is of critical importance to the stability of the universe and the continuation of existence as we know it,

#7, but i already said


Ghost pirate Sr, in honor of @Craftable


Nice stuff. I really enjoy pixel art, especially when it’s rotmg inspired :+1:


Love the prism shading :>


I thought it looked rather ugly, it was rushed as i hurried to go to bed


I mean sure it might be a bit uhh cluttered I guess, I still think it looks nice. That and the shading overall is :ok_hand:


thank you :smile:


can i request stuff?




then i wanna request you dat ppe tricc


bruh how are you so good at ppes??? 246 fame and already better than mine

also btw is the red thing a lolipop, and what’s the name of the skin? and do you want your pet in the drawing too?


1- if thats sarcasm let me tell you im having internet issues and cant keep it going rn

2- the red thing is the tool maids use for clear things (forgot teh name dont blame meh)

3- the name of the skin is Soubrette trickster



oof internet issues always suck, ill work on your drawing as soon as I get home


The new enemy for the Epic Davy Jones Locker, aka lanky boys stop fuckin around