YesButNo's trash art thread




@Darkawaiii owo what’s this? another overshaded mess?


aka real Hell


Ok, decided to mix things up and do a thing with alcohol-based marker. The markers are kinda trash so after a few layers a shiny film develops, that’s why the parts that are supposed to be dark look lighter.

stone guardians btw



I didn’t know you had that sort of talent in you! very well done!


I’ll tell you right now. You can’t write, but you sure can draw.


Thank you so much, these compliments mean a lot to me. More stuff coming soon if I can get around to it.


Ghost ship. Not really happy with how this one turned out. Probably shouldn’t have used so much black marker as that “solidifies” the drawing and makes it hard to change or edit.


I’m getting kind of tired of drawing with alcohol markers because 1. The smell 2. The stains are hard to get out of my hands 3. I want to try something else. Should I do something with

  • Oil pastel
  • Colored pencils
  • Make a friggin painting lmfao

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I see so much art and I always wonder “HOW”
Teach me your ways


Uh… how about sell your soul to an art teacher and work ceaselessly for 5 years. At least that’s how I did it :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok Will do!


waiting for your next masterpiece


Uwu ok I’m doing a painting

Say what you want me to paint in the chat and I’ll make a poll. I’ll choose from 5 best options. Ping me with your requests pls


Your Sexy Enchantress


Your skeleton trombone avatar


Xaklor, The Höly Lööp Cat Witch Goddess listening to your skeleton playing the trumpet while your Sexy Enchantress and InfamousX dance in the background.

@Xaklor, that’s a trumpet, not a trombone.


ok kinda too hard lmao. I’m not as good as painting

I’ll consider my avatar


Fine, just your Sexy Enchantress and InfamousX

I will pay you to do it.


don’t want money and tbh i succ at painting faces. Maybe ill do a marker drawing, idk