YesButNo's trash art thread


The manifestation of your soul the moment you lose that 2/8 archer ppe that just got dbow

ROTMG memes aside, looks great my mans


Thanks for all the love dudes, keanu is next


When you going to send me the references?



im having trouble with divine, everything else is done


Sad slow noises


What if I… self promote my video

haha just kidding… unless?


Stand User: Technoblade
Stand Name: 「Z A P I G S A Y S O I N K」

Thanks for appreciating my strange Technoblade and JoJo fetishes. I drew this thing when I couldn’t sleep at 2am, it turned out pretty good lmao


also drew some more pallete swap things i’d like to post later. dont worry i am not the substance abusive


Reminds me of a [STAND] mod I’ve played around with before


Lmao, this thread has sitting at 69 posts for a month now.

Announcement: I never thought it would come to this but I’m probably going to be not very active on the forums anymore. Of course, The Realm will still be drawn as planned, but school is getting pretty tough so I’d just like to say see you later to some of my favorite people


If I forgot you I’m super sorry but I’m operating on two hours of sleep rn. Hopefully my activity will increase when unity comes out and I get addicted again. By that time hopefully the worst parts of school will be behind me


Continuing coz you can only ping 10 ppl per message




that’s all I can think of for now, Thank you all so much !!




Another orange star has left us… Farewall Comrade


Not forever


Don’t worry, you’re not the first one


Godspeed, my dude. And don’t drop out like my other friends are planning.


Rawr :flushed:


You will be missed. (At least until you come back because Unity port.)

Good luck with school!


Don’t let what happens here cause extra stress. Good chance, we’ll still be here while you get everything sorted out. And if not for whatever reason, hopefully the new DECA marketing brings in more knuckleheads to take our spots. There just might be a lot more poggers and cringe posts but its a sacrifice.

Once you’re here, you’re always here, just doesn’t have to be all at once.