Yet another little idea for Unity release

You may know or not but there is quite new awesome feature for game developers on Discord. You can see it in the action in this photo:

So, game developers can add some info in players profile about the game which he is playing and extra game information. What RotMG information can be there? Well,
  • Current server and realm (or dungeon)
  • Class which player is currently playing (Archer, Paladin etc.)
  • In-game nickname
  • Character level, fame and stats


I would have thought showing current server and realm would be kinda bad for anyone leading a LH/shatters run or popping keys


League of legends is a lot different that RoTMG on a unity port though…


Some of this information is already available in the friends menu. Do you mean they should expand that?


I do agree they should add more to the friend menu, because rn its a little bad you don’t get much info



It’s a cool idea, but not really as important as many things they could spend their time working on, like more QoL and new (realm) events or dungeons.


Can be easily done if DECA decides to collaborate with Discord. The back end server stuff already exists for this like the friends list.


discord allows you to toggle which games show up when you play them i think


fair enough


Yeah nah. Remove current server. If you’re in some shitty Discord like MCH, then some asshole can come and ruin the runs.


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