Your daily mandatory "returning player pls help" post


Bored with my usual and wanted to switch things up by revisiting realm after 1.5-2 years (and possibly sticking around for a while depending on how things go.) The old guild I’m in is pretty much dead it seems, and they were the only people I had helping me out with learning endgame dungeons. I have a 8/8 priest (my pally was 8/8 but idk I think they chnaged the base stats?) and am well on the way to having 3-4 of them. I’m ready to find another group that likes to kick back and chat while we farm some dungeons, as well as hit up some endgame content, as I have much to learn and re-learn. Thanks for reading! :smiley: Oh and please: if your clan just spams raid servers… just count me out. I like to chat and such while I play–sitting in a silent 50+ person call getting carried thru a dungeon just doesn’t really appeal to me anymore. I hope you can respect that.


OH, I should also mention I only really play on US servers for latency reasons. Sorry EU homies :frowning:


They did.

If you need anything to remax, hit me up and I’ll farm with you.


Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I’m down to remax some chars. I have an assassin and a knight raring to go. I’ll add you


You can’t join my guild, not because ur bad or anything, it’s just because nobody can join my guild, but I can help you max ur shit and get u caught up to speed.


Can I ask why no one can join your guild ? Just curious.