Zed trickster skin


if somebody could make a zed (league of legends character) reference skin for trickster i think this would be the coolest skin ever imo. i would try to make it but i am new to spriting so i already know how this would turn out lol. since zed does that shadow teleport thing it would mesh with being a trickster skin i feel. and the new echoes prism sorta mimics his shadow teleport with the marking


I could probably do it. 8x8 or 16x16?

and this is the furthest i go since im not a fan of lol

EDIT: Looking through his abilities (shurikens and shadows), I would actually suggest this for Ninja. What would you prefer?


8x8 but only do it if you actually want to / have time ofc. i know he also has a shuriken ability and I also thought about it being for ninja but i think trickster is just a more fun class to play imo. im not much a fan of lol either but i was when i was a kid and zed was one of the champions i played a lot back then


Alright! Cool. I’ll get started.

i have plenty of time btw im legit going through all of the yt vids that i watched back in like middle school


i also know i say that i am not much of a fan of league much anymore but I just always thought zed was a cool character and i think the trickster teleport makes sense as he also has a teleport ability - ninja and trickster both have different abilities like what he has tbf. this is just what i would make if I were capable of making it myself but I dont understand it enough yet to make it look good Dx - i think a dagger is more re presentable to his blade on his arm rather than a katana imo


Okay, so sorry about the late post. I kinda forgot about the entire thing over personal stuff.

Anyway, I completed this idle animation.


I changed the hoverboard color from blue to red to keep consistent with the theme, and also added an orb-like prism instead of a second wrist blade.



that is dope. the prism idea addition is sick aswell. thanks ! <3


Great! Glad you like it. :smile:


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