Zorutan's Collection

Tier 0 drawings

Tier 0 Rogue
(+Ring of Minor Defence)

Tier 0 Archer & Tier 0 Bard
(+Pirate, Snake)

Tier 0 Assassin

Tier 0 Huntress & Tier 0 Trickster
(+Scorpion Queen)

Tier 0 Paladin & Tier 0 Priest

Special Tier Trickster Waifu

Slightly more realistic clothing folds on the… chest.

For people with different tastes:



The beach Snake being a bit existential…

Chibi trickster ADORES Forest Nymhp! :3


I would love to see more of your art works.


I like the one with the beach spider queen. Overall good art!


Gonna edit the post real quick, accidentally posted without putting in all the stuff I wanted (and I couldn’t edit it while it was being approved) haha
(also thx for approving :slight_smile: )


Bows are kinda small, but otherwise love the art!


There’s a couple small details off, like the pirate actually being a pirate-ss in-game, but other neat details added, like the assassin collecting his venom from a centipede, and that little Candy Gnome hiding out in the tree! Most of the humans are a tad rigid, but I have to admit, it’s nice to see another artist around here.


Love all of these, always great to see RotMG fan art in a less pixelated style so I can imagine the world of the game in a more realistic sense. I especially like the assassin making the centipede poison and little dark elves stabbing the paladin’s leg :slightly_smiling_face: Keep up the cool drawings!


Forgot to add this one.
Btw should I reply to this topic/edit this post when adding new art or should I make a new post? Cause I’m assuming that if I edit the post then nobody will really know that a new drawing was added
(Tier 3 Ninja & Tier 3 Warrior VS that bigger slime and the fire lizard thing)


Tier 0 Knight & Tier 0 Samurai on Dreadstumps ship

Tier 0 Mystic & Tier 0 Wizard, trying to find the entrance to the forest maze


Not entirely sure whether or not this is allowed, but I think it would be slightly dumb if it wasn’t, so here’s the links to the bags turned into anime girls
(WARNING: This one below is NSFW)

(Also note the reddit post has a few bonus ones specifically based on reddit comments)


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