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Skins34 (14658th)
Fame14740 (3350th)
Exp25999806 (3451st)
Account fame45905 (860th)
GuildMafia do JoJo
Guild RankFounder
Created~8 years and 29 days ago
Last seenhidden
Hi, my name is Luk
Join my guild if you like JoJo.

We have found 818 graves in the graveyard of CoiKun in RotMG. This graveyard is up-to-date.

Found 818 matching graves.

Maxed stats: 012345678

Base fame: 0201504008002000

Died onClassLBFTFExpEquipmentStatsKilled by
2011-11-14T23:35:09ZPriest12111166360/6a Greater Pit Viper
2011-11-14T19:11:05ZWizard4005120/6a Night Elf Warrior
2011-11-14T19:04:26ZWizard3003010/6a Ghost God
2011-11-14T18:54:43ZArcher200550/6a White Demon
2011-11-14T18:48:35ZWizard85529980/6a Mummy
2011-11-14T18:17:57ZArcher3113590/6a Medusa
2011-11-14T18:08:05ZPriest4116060/6a Medusa
2011-11-14T02:45:36ZWizard5119920/6a Pentaract Eye
2011-11-14T02:32:16ZArcher200870/6a Purple Gelatinous Cube
2011-11-14T02:24:17ZArcher100150/6an Imp of the Abyss
2011-11-14T02:22:40ZArcher2111990/6a Red Flaming Skull
2011-11-14T02:11:41ZPriest621213300/6a Flayer God
2011-11-13T20:53:30ZWizard87729390/6a Medusa
2011-11-13T19:05:35ZPriest4115170/6Dreadstump the Pirate King
2011-11-12T22:28:31ZWizard63314600/6Dreadstump the Pirate King
2011-11-12T19:55:13ZWizard4116990/6a Red Spider
2011-11-12T19:42:58ZWizard200730/6a Sand Phantom
2011-11-12T19:38:11ZWizard31232810/6a Green Gelatinous Cube