Skins65 (3320th)
Fame486 (31362nd)
Exp561873 (30262nd)
Account fame14941 (5399th)
GuildEl Cancer de Asia 
Guild RankInitiate
First seen~3 years and 243 days ago
Last seenhidden
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We have found 601 graves in the graveyard of Dedolio in RotMG. This graveyard is up-to-date.

Found 6 matching graves.

Maxed stats: 012345678

Base fame: 0201504008002000

Died onClassLBFTFExpEquipmentStatsKilled by
2018-08-03T17:53:28ZArcher20843127212942867/8Oryx Eye
2018-06-18T20:22:13ZWizard203139561558855598/8Tomb Attacker
2018-05-28T19:23:48ZWarrior203821565272490007/8shtrs Firebomb
2017-11-24T13:30:43ZArcher203333780462738407/8md1 Head of Shaitan
2017-10-03T19:58:50ZAssassin201299222622057717/8Lord Ruthven
2017-09-05T23:42:43ZWarrior20911125714288837/8Assassin Puppet