Calamitous Intent

Fame28048 (818th)
Exp51582207 (780th)
Most active onUSMidWest2 (50th)
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Current members of the guild Calamitous Intent in RotMG.

NameGuild RankFameExpRCLast seenSrv.AF/CAE/C
Founder004602018-08-30 00:47:49USE3N/AN/A
Leader280485158220775112019-03-17 19:57:03USMW225494689291
Leader005202018-12-05 16:52:28USEN/AN/A
Initiate00302017-04-18 01:52:45USE2N/AN/A
Initiate00202013-02-12 02:20:30USMWN/AN/A
Initiate00202013-08-27 03:51:42USMW2N/AN/A
Initiate00102013-09-13 05:54:47USMW2N/AN/A