Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.


Fame109534 (621st)
Exp198361245 (643rd)
Most active onUSWest4 (47th)
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Current members of the guild Shepherds in RotMG.

NameGuild RankFameExpRCLast seenSrv.AF/CAE/C
Leader378557118606279122021-01-18 09:12:38USW431545932171
Leader304495595753180142021-01-18 00:35:08USW21743996966
Leader21478400462997392021-01-18 08:58:30USW423864449588
Leader003402021-01-03 07:23:55USMWN/AN/A
Member377167208684722021-01-18 09:12:16USW418853360434
Member114811454644032021-01-15 12:16:09USW4382381821
Initiate90031424684259112021-01-18 03:18:35USW48181295167
Initiate583090581793592021-01-18 01:16:09USW46471006464
Initiate00102020-12-27 01:07:49USW4N/AN/A