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Fame335 (10048th)
Exp289033 (9559th)
Most active onEUNorth2 (429th)
Welcome to Word
Reqs are following: be active 1K alive fame 6/8 and shatts/tomb experience
pm Founder or any Leader to join

Current members of the guild Word in RotMG.

NameGuild RankFameExpRCLast seenSrv.AF/CAE/C
Leader3352890332622019-05-19 23:00:22EUN2167144516
Leader004402019-03-05 18:44:18EUWN/AN/A
Leader00402018-12-04 05:24:50USW3N/AN/A
Initiate001002019-04-01 15:32:52EUN2N/AN/A
Initiate004702018-09-23 11:59:31EUN2N/AN/A
Initiate00102018-06-25 20:35:33EUNN/AN/A
Initiate003002018-05-09 13:26:12EUN2N/AN/A
Initiate003402018-09-04 09:32:56EUWN/AN/A
Initiate007002018-11-11 11:15:22EUN2N/AN/A
Initiate004402018-12-21 23:07:23EUN2N/AN/A
Initiate001302018-08-18 10:32:51EUEN/AN/A