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project F

Fame2575 (7458th)
Exp4205850 (7396th)
Most active onUSWest3 (1784th)
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Current members of the guild project F in RotMG.

NameGuild RankFameExpRCLast seenSrv.AF/CAE/C
Founder001002021-01-01 00:58:29ASEN/AN/A
Founder001002014-09-25 18:24:28USWN/AN/A
Leader257542058503742021-01-18 10:00:31USW36431051462
Leader00302021-01-01 01:09:28ASEN/AN/A
Leader00602021-01-01 01:04:30ASEN/AN/A
Leader00402021-01-01 01:01:37ASEN/AN/A
Leader00902014-12-08 17:45:15USWN/AN/A
Leader00602014-03-01 02:33:51USWN/AN/A
Leader00402014-11-25 00:30:01USWN/AN/A
Leader00502021-01-01 01:20:30ASEN/AN/A
Leader00902021-01-01 01:11:32ASEN/AN/A