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Skins235 (86th)
Fame9111 (10461st)
Exp16990325 (10342nd)
Account fame12036 (18971st)
Guild RankLeader
First seenhidden
Last seenhidden
Whites to those who dont expect it- ChiefEagle 2015
Shatter Whites: 8 Bracers. 5 Gemstone. 9 Crowns. 3IceCrown.

The pets Chief was seen with in the Nexus in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyPlaceAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlML
BirbDivineWoodland1stMagic Heal100Heal100Electric100100
RavenLegendaryAvianHeal77Magic Heal75Decoy5090
TriHardCommonFarmElectric1Attack FarHeal30
AriesUncommonFarmMagic Heal30Decoy5Attack Far50
Derek the SheepCommonFarmHeal1Magic HealAttack Mid30
Pete the SheepUncommonFarmHeal30Attack Close13Savage50
Baa Baa Black...CommonFarmHeal1Magic HealElectric30
BolkinCommonFarmDecoy1Magic HealHeal30
Little Bo-PeepCommonFarmDecoy1HealMagic Heal30
Chris the sheepUncommonFarmHeal30Attack Far4Rising Fury50
Shaun the SheepUncommonFarmHeal30Decoy0Attack Far50