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Skins324 (178th)
Exaltations720 (1st)
Fame31426 (3896th)
Account fame1743895 (70th)
Guild RankMember
First seen~10 years and 1 day ago
Last seenhidden
30.12.2021 - 666 exalts nfsNsXETVCzJyP9cVrMj
15th 720 exalts person - 8th of March 2022

The pets DarkDenchi was seen with in the Nexus in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyPlaceAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlML
quit plzDivineCanineHeal100Magic Heal100Electric100100
Perception of...UncommonHumanoidAttack Close42Electric32Savage50
after all cla...UncommonReptileAttack Far30Electric3Savage50
Royal Void CatUncommonFelineAttack Far30Decoy14Savage50
Janus the FatAssCommon? ? ? ?Heal1Attack MidRising Fury30
Storm birbUncommonAvianElectric50Attack Close50Decoy50
CryPony (spri...Uncommon? ? ? ?Magic Heal30Attack Far12Rising Fury50
Void Doggo 07...RareCanineHeal50Electric25Magic Heal70
woof doggoRareCanineAttack Far50Rising Fury6Magic Heal70
/unlockCommon? ? ? ?Attack Mid1HealDecoy30
Daeva flag gangUncommonAutomatonMagic Heal30Attack Close9Decoy50
after 5/5 on ...UncommonInsectDecoy30Attack Far9Magic Heal50
Halloween 2021UncommonSpookyAttack Far32Magic Heal15Electric50
summer 2021UncommonSpookyAttack Far30Savage10Heal50
Daeva CampaignCommonPenguinAttack Far1HealDecoy30
Void CampaignRarePenguinMagic Heal50Attack Far13Electric70