Skins470 (24th)
Exaltations339 (383rd)
Fame57538 (2268th)
Account fame279316 (1069th)
Guildi like void raid 
Guild RankOfficer
Created~10 years and 321 days ago
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The pets Gundrill was seen with in the Nexus in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyPlaceAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlML
Old Nexus OrcDivineHumanoid1stHeal100Electric100Magic Heal100100
Monster EyeRareSpookyHeal1Rising Fury1Magic Heal21
PlatypusUncommonAquaticMagic Heal1Heal1Attack Mid21
ReaperRareSpookyAttack Mid70Electric62Savage70
GargoyleLegendarySpookyRising Fury90Electric87Savage7490
Karate BlueRarePenguinHeal50Electric4Savage70
Peppermint SnailRareAquaticAttack Mid50Electric11Heal70
Mini Pot Of GoldLegendary? ? ? ?Heal90Magic Heal90Attack Mid9090
PandaRareExoticRising Fury58Savage44Decoy70
White CatUncommonFelineMagic Heal30Decoy14Attack Far50
White CatUncommonFelineMagic Heal30Decoy1Savage50
BabyCommonHumanoidHeal30Rising FuryAttack Close30
ElephantUncommonExoticRising Fury30Savage1Attack Close50
Blue ThingUncommon? ? ? ?Magic Heal36Rising Fury22Decoy50
Karate YellowCommonPenguinMagic Heal17SavageAttack Close30