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Skins58 (8687th)
Exaltations158 (551st)
Fame27147 (4999th)
Exp53941836 (5007th)
Account fame876637 (38th)
Guild RankOfficer
Created~8 years and 329 days ago
Last seenhidden
Sleep well my sweet knight, you were the best
O3 8/13/18/13 Luke 5/3/6/5 Dammah 12/10/11/5 Gems 12/10/7/13 Beisa 2/3/5/5

The pets Shadowitt was seen with in the Nexus in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyPlaceAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlML
Black HellhoundDivineCanine681stHeal100Magic Heal100Electric90100
Karate RedRarePenguinHeal70Magic Heal70Electric70
BabyUncommonHumanoidHeal30Electric2Attack Close50
._.RarePenguinHeal52Magic Heal52Attack Mid52
Golden PupUncommonCanineElectric45Heal37Attack Far50
Karate BlueRarePenguinMagic Heal40Savage29Attack Far60
Golden PupCommonCanineElectric1Magic HealHeal30
Purple FrogCommonAquaticDecoy1Rising FuryAttack Mid30
RobobuddyCommonAutomatonElectric1Attack FarMagic Heal30
Peppermint SnailRareAquaticAttack Mid50Decoy3Electric70
SquirrelCommonWoodlandAttack Mid1DecoyRising Fury30
PigCommonFarmAttack Far11HealMagic Heal30
Black CatCommonFelineAttack Far1ElectricHeal30
Blue SnailCommonAquaticAttack Mid8ElectricHeal30