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Skins31 (23577th)
Fame59060 (1598th)
Exp115524420 (1573rd)
Account fame135263 (1202nd)
GuildChicken Army 
Guild RankLeader
First seen~282 days ago
Last seen2021-01-23 02:52:30 at USWest4 as Rogue
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The pets Talonius was seen with in the Nexus in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyPlaceAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlML
Gingerbread ManLegendary? ? ? ?8647thMagic Heal90Heal87Electric7390
Lil' CyclopsRareSpookyHeal70Magic Heal68Attack Close70
DreidelUncommon? ? ? ?Heal30Savage5Attack Close50
HamsterUncommonWoodlandElectric30Heal15Rising Fury50
Brown PupUncommonCanineHeal40Rising Fury28Magic Heal50
MonkeyCommonExoticElectric23HealAttack Mid30
Muddy TidechaserCommonHumanoidMagic Heal30Attack MidDecoy30
Brown PupCommonCanineHeal27ElectricAttack Far30
Blue AntCommonInsectDecoy1Rising FuryAttack Close30
Black AntCommonInsectRising Fury30Attack FarElectric30