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Fame4922 (6527th)
Most active onUSEast2 (1995th)
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Early February the API to access graveyards has been restricted.
Until we regain access, graveyards and exaltations cannot be updated.

The most recent deaths from the past two weeks.

NameDied onBFTFEquipmentStatsKilled by
MercilesRG2024-03-02T00:32:41Z179459034/8EH Yellow Maggots
MercilesRG2024-03-01T01:55:34Z16310770/8Oryx the Mad God 3
MercilesRG2024-02-28T20:19:02Z434920/8SulfW God
MercilesRG2024-02-26T18:08:24Z178462331/8SulfW Centipede
MercilesRG2024-02-24T20:55:16Z161010/8Water Mine