Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
701.LittleHeroes1032641~12y 252d ago
702.Mank Demes989351~12y 145d ago2024-04-11 23:44:21USS
703.Family976472~12y 245d ago
704.bilbobashers974396~12y 343d ago
705.Nebulus972362~12y 272d ago
706.968261~12y 185d ago2024-04-09 22:10:01USE2
707.SandmanConvention965275~12y 228d ago2024-04-14 07:32:34USW
708.yabadabadoo96352~12y 165d ago2024-04-12 21:23:12USS
709.Hustlers University942312~12y 163d ago2024-04-04 02:12:08
710.Code Breakers939344~12y 161d ago
711.Random NPCs917471~12y 165d ago2024-04-04 03:10:08USE
712.915481~12y 235d ago
713.Pawn Tactics910477~12y 306d ago
714.CRYPTIDS904334~12y 277d ago2024-04-10 23:58:29USE2
715.890333~13y 165d ago2024-04-11 15:27:34EUW
717.Forever Gaming871351~12y 217d ago2024-04-01 09:05:22USW
718.Virtuous863329~12y 286d ago2024-04-13 02:33:29USNW
719.Legacies862631~12y 147d ago
720.DinoNuggies Enjoyers832461~12y 212d ago
721.831105~12y 251d ago2024-04-07 11:57:04USE
722.RealFakeGuild818371~12y 185d ago2024-04-03 05:37:12USS
723.Rainbow Rangers816332~12y 182d ago2024-04-01 20:06:59USW
724.No Fame No Game811431~12y 333d ago
725.Exaltam799512~12y 333d ago
726.Tsumino783602~12y 144d ago
727.Chileanus CCP781473~13y 151d ago
728.Cones751405~12y 282d ago2024-04-12 13:09:52USE2
729.Godkings74792~12y 165d ago2024-04-01 03:44:44USW
730.Press R For WhiteBag730472~12y 200d ago
732.schitty717401~12y 180d ago2024-04-01 08:39:54USE
733.703422~12y 157d ago2024-04-12 20:06:24USE2
733.MemoriSimps703341~13y 22d ago
735.DuckKnights685265~12y 280d ago2024-04-11 23:51:36USMW2
736.68391~12y 147d ago2024-04-13 20:27:20EUW2
737.WeDemBois674263~12y 153d ago2024-04-13 20:21:41EUW
738.Big Bool673602~12y 165d ago
739.Difficult672471~12y 314d ago
740.HeadLess Gazzela661271~12y 165d ago2024-04-08 20:22:18EUW
741.TaiwanFormosa659143~12y 363d ago2024-04-07 06:41:14A
742.Calvin Klein658542~12y 155d ago2024-04-14 02:46:09
743.World of dragons656222~12y 162d ago
745.AbsoluteUnits643452~12y 144d ago
746.SmokeTime633372~12y 165d ago
747.632435~12y 157d ago
748.616451~12y 162d ago2024-04-14 00:23:41
749.612211~12y 150d ago2024-04-01 21:59:26EUW
749.II Dark Heroes II612361~13y 6d ago2024-04-09 19:46:02EUN
751.610602~12y 175d ago
752.Shiranui602581~12y 224d ago
753.PvP596101~12y 280d ago
754.BLaZed Empire573382~12y 264d ago
755.majas quilt569397~12y 282d ago2024-04-13 20:31:09EUW
756.LEFS566161~12y 165d ago2024-04-10 16:20:08USW
757.GreenTea531561~12y 277d ago
758.528373~12y 298d ago
758.Zippys528422~12y 182d ago
760.Cult of Dirge523442~12y 282d ago2024-04-11 23:55:49USE2
761.Rainbow Rangers521391~12y 250d ago
762.lessQQmorePEWPEW518502~12y 287d ago
763.THECHUMBUCKET514111~12y 222d ago
764.Golden Archer511182~12y 182d ago2024-04-14 01:50:38EUW2
765.Akina487311~12y 163d ago2024-04-01 15:12:28EUW
766.485632~12y 165d ago2024-04-10 20:20:53
767.Kanye west fans475442~12y 159d ago
768.474141~12y 195d ago2024-04-03 19:42:51EUW
769.SoloEverything472423~13y 15d ago
770.458131~13y 48d ago2024-04-05 16:42:48USS
771.NotaGuild456291~12y 155d ago2024-04-01 21:14:54EUW
772.FriendsRUs454663>13y 206d ago2024-04-02 06:43:55
773.Contagion451121>13y 206d ago2024-04-06 07:45:17EUE
774.Chilled446352~12y 257d ago2024-04-06 01:52:54USE2
775.NananananaBatman440233~12y 217d ago2024-04-10 18:19:16USE
776.432504~12y 164d ago2024-04-13 03:50:32USS
777.Order of Pixel Arms431261~12y 232d ago2024-04-01 02:14:34EUW
778.The Riftseekers430342~12y 164d ago2024-04-09 15:13:59USE2
779.425503~12y 242d ago
780.Mask424511~12y 161d ago
781.NPEME423201~12y 153d ago2024-04-13 13:16:50USS
782.Epic Dudes417132~12y 217d ago2024-04-14 06:28:03USW
783.Ploober400362~12y 169d ago
783.the shadow reapers400335~12y 212d ago2024-04-14 05:31:43USS
785.CrabNation398752~12y 147d ago is dead396334~12y 210d ago2024-04-14 05:24:30USS
787.Bandito Terroristo388385~12y 229d ago
788.CelestialBlades37252~13y 22d ago2024-04-14 02:54:16USS
789.The Real OGs369265~12y 160d ago
790.mnetojejedno365512~12y 305d ago2024-04-01 11:58:53EUW
791.Strietzer358453~13y 35d ago
792.Passion of the Void354261~12y 163d ago
793.350141~12y 345d ago2024-03-31 17:17:37USE2
794.ZurpSauce349222~12y 158d ago2024-04-14 04:53:37USE2
795.RotMDB34382~12y 363d ago2024-04-14 08:49:39USS
795.SteamSteak V343162~12y 184d ago2024-04-14 02:16:30USMW
797.BigBuffBoys333462~12y 163d ago
798.Scythes332391~12y 146d ago
799.Gorvvars330362~12y 163d ago2024-04-14 06:45:00EUE
800.Shipwrecked316342>13y 206d ago2024-04-11 03:40:56USS