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Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
701.Lords of the Dead749395~12y 242d ago2023-06-05 05:17:50USW
701.Blink749661~11y 348d ago
703.Bodacious Boobies748452~12y 27d ago
704.No Mercy724402~12y 73d ago2023-05-22 09:37:28EUW
704.724402~12y 25d ago
706.Sparkle Squad698152~11y 212d ago2023-06-05 05:30:10USMW2
707.680231~11y 216d ago2023-05-23 02:30:01USE2
708.RAAF674532~11y 207d ago
709.TheLimpWrists671703~12y 87d ago
710.Black Bullet669702~12y 146d ago
711.Spoons Love Circle663366~11y 345d ago2023-06-03 06:38:24
712.MisclickAndLag657171~11y 295d ago2023-05-31 14:17:56USE2
713.Popeyes648541~12y 29d ago
714.RealmDungeoneer6451816~11y 328d ago2023-06-04 06:29:48USS
715.BrawlLeague642491~11y 345d ago2023-06-04 16:38:36USE
715.Spoicy Bois642722~11y 209d ago
717.63922~11y 207d ago2023-06-02 16:24:33USS
718.GreenTea633561~11y 328d ago
719.632214~11y 216d ago2023-05-27 20:36:20USW
720.MadGodsMinions631372~11y 205d ago2023-05-27 18:47:47EUSW
721.majas quilt610363~11y 333d ago2023-06-04 15:39:31USE
722.593173~11y 206d ago2023-05-31 15:54:52USE2
723.The Mosh Pit589594~11y 206d ago2023-06-01 00:45:44USE2
724.Beggas588182~11y 204d ago2023-06-05 03:31:27USE
725.Crusader of Halls587152~11y 262d ago2023-06-03 12:44:26EUW
726.MOW583224~11y 340d ago2023-06-05 04:12:05USW
727.578632~11y 333d ago
728.Raw Booty Warrior567233~11y 214d ago2023-06-03 16:12:11USE
729.RipAdobeFlashPlayer563392~11y 229d ago2023-06-02 07:08:15USW
730.Secret Sachi Society544195~11y 218d ago2023-06-05 02:33:21USW
731.Terra Therma520101~11y 220d ago2023-05-26 13:18:59USE
732.FFSU513272~11y 301d ago2023-06-04 20:10:54A
732.TheInsaneAsylum513303~11y 321d ago2023-05-29 06:41:02USW
734.Golden Archer511182~11y 233d ago2023-06-05 02:36:15EUW2
735.Skyclan503551~12y 175d ago2023-05-22 08:30:07EUW
736.493682~11y 216d ago
737.hurrhurr its a guild46742~11y 285d ago2023-05-24 19:41:27USW
738.Eternal Gods466261~11y 307d ago2023-05-23 04:31:18
739.Thighs Save Lives4653311~11y 291d ago
740.The Pro Nutsacks46321~12y 25d ago2023-05-29 03:02:29USW
741.TeamVIPPERs456462~11y 220d ago2023-06-04 14:19:26USE
741.45662~12y 146d ago2023-05-23 20:42:13EUE
743.C A N A D I A N S451151~11y 213d ago
744.Gotarki449236~11y 203d ago
745.THE Bawss Guild44491~11y 206d ago2023-05-24 07:22:38USE
746.Bad Habits443231~12y 182d ago2023-05-25 11:10:45EUE
747.Space Cowboys442511~11y 216d ago
748.NPEME423201~11y 205d ago2023-06-04 04:46:09USS
749.418372~12y 27d ago2023-06-04 20:42:02EUW
750.Exquisite Moms414493~11y 216d ago2023-05-24 03:21:05USE2
751.MOW406225~11y 285d ago2023-06-04 16:08:49USW
752.Tumolteous403221~11y 310d ago2023-06-05 08:56:42USE2
753.No Vent No Loot39983~11y 264d ago2023-05-26 04:14:29USMW2
754.Nightmare Rushers39885~12y 30d ago2023-06-02 22:36:46EUW
755.NoBeggars389172~11y 212d ago2023-06-04 19:01:58EUW
756.i am the goat385233~12y 66d ago2023-06-05 02:48:44USW4
757.383382~11y 213d ago2023-06-01 01:38:46USSW
758.BloodForTheBloodGod371363~11y 226d ago2023-06-03 23:36:39EUW2
760.Sparrow357511~11y 212d ago
761.351341~11y 204d ago
762.Coltreaneh335372~11y 259d ago2023-05-25 18:26:40EUN
763.CADObscene326403~11y 347d ago
764.32312~11y 215d ago2023-06-04 20:32:06USMW
765.THC SNOW321231~11y 216d ago2023-06-04 11:50:57USE2
766.The Players of Realm311222~11y 351d ago2023-05-28 22:19:21USS
766.31193~11y 238d ago2023-06-04 02:36:19USS
768.Fighhhterss301381~11y 313d ago
769.oryx party28771~11y 235d ago2023-05-25 14:50:44EUN
770.28564~11y 217d ago2023-06-01 20:51:38EUN
771.Raven Heart282383~11y 349d ago2023-05-25 06:14:21USE2
772.Aweonaos culiaos280442~11y 206d ago
773.Last Of Our Name274651~11y 283d ago
774.TOMBERISM271501~11y 323d ago
775.EliteKnightZzz26411~11y 307d ago2023-05-31 00:29:14USS
777.Farmers Market258231~12y 225d ago2023-05-28 22:37:24USMW2
778.Aggressive Atheists254591~12y 55d ago
779.SectionOne253493~11y 293d ago
780.Epic Title251701~11y 256d ago
780.Destruction251225~11y 308d ago2023-06-04 21:51:58USSW
782.241192~11y 259d ago2023-05-26 19:32:31EUW
782.241201~12y 16d ago2023-05-27 12:14:22EUW
784.232481~11y 207d ago
785.Elundus Core230202~12y 88d ago2023-06-01 04:48:46USNW
786.229391~11y 201d ago
787.Fire Gods228383~11y 212d ago
788.22011~11y 314d ago2023-05-31 20:12:53A
789.Aardvark219301~11y 214d ago
790.RussianPigSociety21422~11y 296d ago2023-05-25 07:56:29EUE
791.211351~11y 356d ago2023-05-29 20:48:45USW
792.209183~11y 305d ago2023-06-05 05:17:44USW
793.good boy205192~11y 249d ago2023-06-01 01:14:16USW
794.Rising Sun202581~11y 343d ago
795.200161~11y 278d ago2023-05-25 03:26:32USE2
797.Arrow In The Knee199111~12y 242d ago2023-06-02 00:42:38USE
799.195141~11y 207d ago
800.193404~12y 225d ago2023-06-05 05:12:12USE