Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
702.humuhumunukunukuapua6173310~11y 27d ago
703.Revenge of Craig614191~11y 27d ago2022-11-27 11:29:02EUW
704.598214~11y 26d ago
705.596161~11y 85d ago2022-11-18 20:52:29EUW
706.Gods of the Abyss594504~11y 357d ago2022-11-25 18:42:48USE2
707.Rest in Pixels591471~11y 16d ago2022-11-28 03:34:22EUE
708.DEEP580561~12y 18d ago
709.Reckless578551~11y 11d ago
710.PoMpAtEaM558192~11y 151d ago2022-11-27 21:06:00USE
711.547372~11y 22d ago2022-11-28 12:33:55USE2
711.Atheistic Gods547171~11y 20d ago2022-11-20 09:26:06USW
713.The Mosh Pit545561~11y 17d ago2022-11-22 13:50:58EUW
714.DarkSoulss544292~11y 88d ago
715.537342~11y 25d ago2022-11-23 03:02:10USS
716.BROdotPOWERRANGERS536581~11y 12d ago
717.528472~11y 28d ago
718.Zippys517233~11y 25d ago2022-11-28 12:28:32EUW
719.Big Bois516281~11y 55d ago2022-11-25 07:11:57AUS
720.Dragon Sages509431~11y 23d ago
720.50953~11y 85d ago2022-11-28 04:53:37USW
722.Super Suck503132~11y 7d ago2022-11-20 05:47:46USE2
723.bilbobashers498369~11y 205d ago
724.Creative Madness486211~11y 27d ago2022-11-26 17:44:57EUN
725.LumpGang481433~12y 46d ago2022-11-25 20:49:45USE2
726.lessQQmorePEWPEW479493~11y 149d ago
727.Gorvvars477312~11y 25d ago2022-11-28 08:46:13EUE
728.Valkyrie46741~11y 27d ago2022-11-24 21:15:24EUSW
729.ROS465581~11y 27d ago2022-11-21 00:15:45USW
730.AnnointedBros462531~11y 25d ago
731.461331~11y 111d ago2022-11-26 13:27:50USE
732.Hampters451531~11y 27d ago
733.jointsauce447533~11y 39d ago2022-11-28 00:47:32USE2
735.44383~11y 27d ago2022-11-22 21:56:40USE2
736.Neighborhood Watch441295~11y 133d ago2022-11-27 22:37:36USE2
736.GuysDoingThings441363~11y 53d ago
738.435242~11y 206d ago
739.bAMBINIS425291~11y 31d ago2022-11-19 21:17:02USW4
740.GitHub417451~11y 27d ago2022-11-16 01:54:21USS
741.AllmightyAsylum415461~11y 76d ago2022-11-27 18:51:59EUW
741.Ballsack415371~11y 19d ago2022-11-27 22:19:23USW
743.majas quilt412324~11y 144d ago2022-11-27 19:03:07EUW
744.410161~11y 271d ago2022-11-25 00:43:03USE2
745.GOAT402171~11y 7d ago2022-11-16 02:02:39USW
746.ElNorthCape401303~11y 55d ago2022-11-27 12:45:51EUW
747.Golden Archer400181~11y 44d ago2022-11-27 22:01:22EUW2
748.Frozen Fortitude392226~11y 10d ago2022-11-27 04:22:55USE
749.388202~11y 27d ago2022-11-27 14:45:20EUW
750.384366~11y 86d ago2022-11-27 23:11:40USMW2
751.383382~11y 24d ago2022-11-24 23:03:10USSW
752.38051~11y 146d ago2022-11-19 20:17:18EUSW
753.NPEME379202~11y 16d ago2022-11-27 13:44:11A
754.AlleShababs378251~11y 197d ago
755.SoloEverything373392~11y 243d ago
756.miniclan368101~11y 9d ago2022-11-17 01:50:25USE2
756.Cona Riders368411~11y 28d ago2022-11-28 10:43:36EUW
758.Meditations358492~11y 226d ago
759.TBK356283~11y 44d ago
761.KEY POPPER342421~11y 18d ago2022-11-27 04:20:12USSW
762.Aloe Fresh33262~11y 8d ago2022-11-23 04:26:19USW
763.Sator Squad328551~11y 152d ago
764.Wan325411~11y 27d ago
765.Void Rush324213~11y 161d ago
766.Yeti Clan318181~11y 216d ago2022-11-24 04:22:22USNW
768.Zippys316174~11y 163d ago2022-11-26 23:32:24USE2
768.Simp316392~11y 22d ago
770.dont steal my acct311191~11y 27d ago2022-11-28 05:17:40USW
771.309133~11y 102d ago2022-11-27 10:24:16USE2
772.Cones308343~11y 144d ago2022-11-24 10:53:41AUS
773.Pyro Pirates306255~11y 117d ago2022-11-27 23:30:22USE2
774.Water Check305451~11y 144d ago
775.Lift Squad302341~11y 25d ago
776.299364~11y 166d ago2022-11-27 19:54:44USE2
777.JustNeedSomePots296741~11y 44d ago
778.Intrepidity290513~11y 13d ago
779.I Peed My Pants288572~11y 41d ago
780.Rainbow Rangers283211~11y 25d ago2022-11-16 07:33:17AUS
781.2783910~11y 34d ago2022-11-28 07:55:03USE
782.RealmDungeoneer276157~11y 139d ago2022-11-28 01:30:53USE2
783.Abyys25791~11y 14d ago2022-11-20 16:30:16EUE
784.253204~11y 110d ago2022-11-20 20:33:32EUW2
786.NAKADASHI244211~11y 242d ago2022-11-28 12:19:50USE
787.Amorous Coconut23941~11y 134d ago2022-11-24 23:27:37USE2
788.Yem227541~11y 141d ago
789.The Dead Boys218141~11y 74d ago2022-11-17 20:39:05USW4
790.GuerrerosDelSol215672~11y 46d ago2022-11-24 01:35:55USSW
791.Boss208391~11y 206d ago
792.MerchingFTW206551~11y 31d ago2022-11-24 15:24:18USE2
792.206302~11y 226d ago
794.Adamant205102~11y 14d ago
795.204461~11y 107d ago
796.All By Myself199492~11y 165d ago
797.MidnightGaming197373~11y 27d ago
798.196143~11y 56d ago2022-11-26 06:48:41USSW
799.UberKilled19231~11y 13d ago2022-11-23 21:24:33USW
800.Lords of the Dead186372~12y 53d ago2022-11-28 11:15:40USE