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Fame0 (15646th)
Exp0 (15774th)
Most active onEUWest (1456th)
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Top pets of the guild AllForFun in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlMLOwner
1.Werewolf CubRareSpookyMagic Heal70Heal70Decoy70Ploxplox
2.LeprechaunRareHumanoidHeal70Magic Heal66Attack Mid70PiratePol
3.DuckUncommonFarmMagic Heal30Decoy12Attack Close50Ploxplox
4.Blue ParrotUncommonAvianMagic Heal21Heal18Rising Fury21PiratePol
5.Grass PenguinCommonPenguinHeal30Attack MidDecoy30PiratePol
6.ChameleonCommonReptileHeal28Attack FarSavage30Ploxplox
7.Green AntCommonInsectHeal15Attack MidDecoy30Ploxplox
8.SquirrelCommonWoodlandAttack Mid6SavageElectric30PiratePol
9.CrabCommonAquaticAttack Close1Rising FurySavage30Ploxplox
9.Brown FoxCommonCanineAttack Far1Magic HealRising Fury30Ploxplox
9.Golden PupCommonCanineElectric1Magic HealSavage30PiratePol
9.DreidelCommon? ? ? ?Decoy1HealElectric30Ploxplox
9.Blue ThingCommon? ? ? ?Magic Heal1Attack MidDecoy30Ploxplox