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This includes most character stats and exaltations.
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Amulet of Resurrection

The content that is the focus of this page has been removed from the game. All information here is historical and does not apply to the current release.

Amulet of Resurrection An amulet that protects the wearer from even death itself.

Tier UT
On Equip +20 HP, +20 MP, +2 ATT, +2 DEF, +2 SPD, +2 DEX, +2 VIT, +2 WIS
Feed Power N/A

On paper, this ring seems to be fairly weak, providing negligible bonuses to every stat. However, the true strength of this item lies in its incredibly powerful ability to resurrect characters that take fatal damage with it equipped. Similarly, the weakness of this item is not its shoddy stat bonuses, but the fact that it is destroyed upon resurrecting a player.


This item was originally a purchasable ring in the nexus costing 11,500 fame, a hefty amount in the early days of Realm of the Mad God. Given the power of the item and its high price, it was given a prestigious status among players. Owning one or more amulets was the trademark of top players at the time. However, this all changed over the course of a couple months when the item began to lose its value after a massive duping exploit struck the game in the summer of 2012. In October 2012, build 4.0.0 was released, and with it came a nerf to the prized amulet in an attempt to lower its power level to reflect the new rarity.

As of build 4.0.0, the Amulet of Resurrection’s name was changed to Cursed Amulet of Resurrection. It became soulbound and you could buy it in Nexus for 1,000 fame, but there was a small chance that it would not work and you would be “zombified” (killing your character).

As of build 4.3.0, The Cursed Amulet’s chance to help you cheat death was evidently
decreased; rough estimates suggest a resurrection chance of below 40%.

As of build 5.0.0, Cursed Amulets had a 100% zombification chance and dropped from the boss in the Haunted Cemetery.

As of Release 27.7.6, due to abuse of the item, it became impossible to obtain one and keep it. Immediately after entering a realm portal or nexusing, any Cursed Amulets of Zombification in one’s inventory disappeared.

As of Release 27.7.X7, the item was re-released as the Amulet of Dispersion, which had no other special effects.

Note: As of Release 4, this item no longer exists, as all remaining Amulets of Resurrection were transformed into the Cursed Amulet of Resurrection.

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