Ancient Schematic

Ancient Schematic Exchange a stack at the Tinkerer for a very powerful Blueprint of choice.
Sprite Credits: LMaelstrom

Stack Limit: 50

Soulbound Soulbound

Fifty of these (one full stack) can be exchanged at The Tinkerer in the Ancient Craftsmanship quest for one out of 8 blueprints of choice. This quest is repeatable (all blueprints could be claimed if player gathered enough schematics), and changes every two weeks, with items being replaced by the next 8. After addition Incubation Mace Blueprint to the list, each iteration shifts the original list by one item.

A blueprint is available for almost every SS tier item. Most items of the Shatters are included in the regular Schematic pool. Certain event whites: Dirk of Cronus and Cloak of Bloody Surprises aren’t included, while event reskins aren’t either.

A variant of this token available from easier bosses is the Schematic.

Items in the current rotation are highlighted in green, and run from Feb 20 (24) - Mar 5 (24).
Items in the next expected rotation are highlighted in blue, and should run from Mar 5 (24) - 19 Mar (24).


  • For the first two rotations which ran in October and November 2021, the cost of the quest was a 100 schematics (two full stacks) with only 4 blueprints available at a time.
  • In the third rotation which ran in December 2021, the first three Crystal Entity items were available as a single blueprint in the exchange quest.
  • In September 2022, the Shield of Ogmur and Seal of Blasphemous Prayer were added into the pool for the first time.
  • In April 2023, Incubation Mace were added into the pool for the first time.