Ancient Schematic

Ancient Schematic Exchange a stack at the Tinkerer for a very powerful Blueprint of choice.
Sprite Credits: LMaelstrom

Stack Limit: 50

Soulbound Soulbound

Fifty of these (one full stack) can be exchanged at The Tinkerer in the Ancient Craftsmanship quest for one out of 8 blueprints of choice. This quest is repeatable (all blueprints could be claimed if player gathered enough schematics), and changes every two weeks, with items being replaced by the next 8 in a given order, except for the one rotation of 6.

A blueprint is available for almost every SS tier item. Most items of the Shatters are included in the regular Schematic pool. Certain event whites: Dirk of Cronus and Cloak of Bloody Surprises aren’t included, while event reskins aren’t either.

A variant of this token available from easier bosses is the Schematic.

Items in the current rotation are highlighted in green, and run from Nov 15 (22) - Nov 29 (22).
Items in the next expected rotation are highlighted in blue, and should run from Nov 29 (22) - Dec 13 (22).

For the first two rotations which ran in October and November 2021, the cost of the quest was a 100 schematics (two full stacks) with only 4 blueprints available at a time.

In the third rotation which ran in December 2021, the first three Crystal Entity items were available as a single blueprint in the exchange quest.