Antinomy Artifact

Antinomy Artifact True power is only available to those that have accepted all of its manifestations. To wield force that could affect the cosmic balance, one needs to forge their own equilibrium, tempered in the flames of strife.

Tier ST (Limited)
Set MotMG 2021 Duality Set
  • 2nd Piece Bonus: +50 HP, +60 MP, +4 DEF, +2 ATT, +4 SPD, +2 VIT
  • 3rd Piece Bonus: +50 HP, +80 MP, +6 DEF, +4 ATT, +6 SPD, +4 VIT, +10 WIS
  • Subtotal of Bonuses: +100 HP, +140 MP, +10 DEF, +6 ATT, +10 SPD, +6 VIT, +10 WIS
  • On Equip +50 HP, +50 MP, +3 DEF, +3 ATT
    Reactive Proc On Ability Use: Summons a Duality creature that heals up to 10 players for 200 HP once and then applies healing to surrounding players for 6 seconds in a 4 tile radius.
    Dark: 100-150 Damage
    Light: 400 Damage
    Cooldown: 25 seconds
    XP Bonus 8%
    Soulbound Soulbound
    Feed Power 1,000
    Dismantling Value 80 Mythical Material

    Obtained Through Combining an Ember of the Void and an Ember of the Daeva at The Tinkerer
    Antinomy: Light Campaign, Rank 15

    This is an Antinomy Gear item.

    With an Antinomy Weapon and Armor, the Antinomy Artifact provides a large stat bonus to all stats except DEX, surpassing the Omnipotence Ring. This makes it a powerful tool in the hands of nearly any class that can afford to equip a full set of tiered equipment without the need for swapouts, helped by the fact that the Antinomy gear provides extra stats compared to regular items of their tier.

    Its Antinomy set bonus is identical to its components, the Ember of the Daeva and Ember of the Void. True to its nature as a combination of the the two, the Antinomy Artifact strikes an arguably more powerful balance compared to their focus on defense or offense - granting passive stat buffs that favor a combination of offense, defense, and utility, as well as its proc summoning a minion that can both heal allies for a significant amount of HP and attack enemies for heavy damage. Unlike the Embers, the proc triggering on ability use rather than a health threshold allows for ease of use, although that also means that it may be possible to “waste” the proc by using an ability at a time when the proc would not have been very useful, putting it on cooldown.

    The description of the item is slightly unindicative. For the first 3 seconds of its lifetime, the Duality Creature will be in a “Dark” mode that fires a clockwise rotating 2-way shotgun, each shotgun having 3 bullets dealing 100-150 damage. For the last 3 seconds, the Duality Creature will enter a “Light” mode that attacks nearby enemies with rapid single shots dealing 400 damage each.

    The Duality Creature spawned by the item has the following appearances:
    Summon Duality Ring (Dark)Summon Duality Ring (Light)

    Limited Rings
    Antinomy ArtifactST. Antinomy Artifact