Apple of Semi Maxening

Please note this content is currently only available on the Testing Server and is not possible to obtain on the production servers at all.

Only accounts which used the free mystery box on testing with this item have access to this item.

Apple of Semi Maxening
Apple of Semi Maxening: It’s healthy!
Instantly grants Level 20. Permanently increases attack, defense, speed, dexterity, vitality and wisdom by 20. Also adds a Backpack. Works only once per character.

On Use:
ATT + 20
DEF + 20
SPD + 20
DEX + 20
VIT + 20
WIS + 20
Adds Backpack to character
Instantly grants Level 20 if user is not already Level 20

Consumed with use
Feed Power: 10000


This item is a slightly toned-down version of the Apple of Extreme Maxening, only increasing 6 of the 8 stats by 20 instead of maxing all 8 stats. It will, however, instantly grant you Level 20.

It is available for players who participate in public testing. (The Apple of Extreme Maxening, on the other hand, is not)