Archdemon Malphas

Last updated: X17.0.0
Archdemon Malphas

Archdemon Malphas is the boss of the Abyss of Demons. He is located in a large room with lava and can be found by navigating the Abyss. He himself is not too hard, but high defense is advised as his minions can really hurt.

The Realm Eye says:
Malphas was once a gifted stonemason in the angelic realms beyond the mortal plane.
Banished for imbuing his work with impure charms, he fell from grace and was left tattered in the realm’s volcanic mountains.
Malphas put his talent to use by constructing a den of pyroclastic stone passages in the deepest fissures.



HP: 12,000 (+20% [2,400 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 20
EXP: 2,000
Location: Abyss of Demons

Counts toward God Kills
Immune to Stasis
Levitates off ground
Quest Boss

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
White Bullet 60 7.5 11.25 Pierces Armor
Silver Shield 65 Weak for 4s 4.2 12.6 Piercing
White Bullet 150 4 16 Piercing
Silver Shield 110 Weak for 4s 6 18 Piercing


6 White Demons appear in the room with Malphas (not summons) before the fight begins. It is advised for clearing, or killing these guys before you start the fight unless you think you can take down Malphas quickly.

Malphas cycles through attack stages in order. During combat, he periodically goes invulnerable and maintains 4 protectors that orbit him rapidly throughout all his stages while shooting at players.

Battle Phases:

Phase 1:

Malphas is medium in size and rapidly summons Malphas Missiles, enemies that chase you down and attempt to explode on top of you. Along with this, he will fire aimed White Bullets at players that inflict Armor-Piercing damage. He will follow players in this phase, but will stop chasing once he moves within about 2 squares of them.

Phase 2:

Malphas shrinks down and becomes more difficult to hit. He moves quickly and erratically while firing 6-directional bursts of Silver Shields that weaken and aimed, armor-piercing White Bullets at the nearest player.

Phase 3:

Malphas grows in size and wanders in place while firing 3-directional bursts of more powerful Silver Shields that also weaken. He also fires extremely damaging White Bullets at the nearest player in 2-round bursts.

Phase 4:

Malphas is medium in size and summons a number of Malphas Flamers, Abyss versions of Flamer Kings that will attack with streams of shots. He will spawn 4 from golden bombs thrown around him and much more directly from him. During this phase, he will occasionally attack with aimed armor-piercing shots. The Flamers despawn before his next stage begins. The cycle then repeats.



Malphas Protector Malphas Protector
Malphas Missle Malphas Missile
Malphas Flamer Malphas Flamer

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Tips and Strategies

It is recommended to kill all six White Demons before stepping over the checkered black-and-red path and damaging Malphas. This process is known as “clearing whites”. Although note that in Abysses with a large number of players it is usual for some to go straight in for the boss without clearing any of the white demons. The Demon Blade is a powerful weapon that many strive to possess, and is a quite rare drop from Malphas.


The Sword of Illumination was a limited-time drop in the Abyss of Demons (during June 2015 Month of the Mad God and August 2016 Month of the Mad God). And now only has the chance to drop during Month of the Mad God events.

The Potion of Defense is no longer a guaranteed drop from Malphas as of Release 27.7.X6.

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