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The pages here are more general wiki pages, stored as a historical record of the wiki itself, how it was organized, and how it changed in response to changes in the game.

There were twenty maps in rotation for Build 92 through 99 of the Wild Shadow Era. These maps were generated with the method described in Amit Patel’s post here. A map’s terrain and plant life was entirely based on the effects of moisture passing over the map’s randomized altitudes. Therefore it was possible to find high altitude areas (early Godlands) easily by looking for telltale terrain and plant life formations. In Build 100 of the Wild Shadow Era, these maps were replaced with a new set of maps.
In Build 100 of the Wild Shadow Era, this set maps was introduced, featuring new geographical features, such as rivers, lakes, oases, snow, and lava, and special locations for quests, that were not present in the previous set of maps. More infomation about map generation can be found in the provided links: Ocean, land, lakes, beaches Elevation, rivers, moisture, biomes Rendering, Flash demo, source code In Build 106 of the Wild Shadow Era, these maps were replaced with a new set of maps.
Before Release 12.0.0 of the Kabam Era, pets were purely cosmetic, and the Pets page used to be under the “Consumable Items” section. Because pets were simpler, a page with pet images and names was enough. This page is just a copy of the Pets page before Release 12. To view older revisions see the Revision History of the current Pets page before 3/26/2013
The Nexus Crier was an NPC in the Nexus who periodically gave announcements in the chat. In Release 27.7.X14, the Nexus Crier was changed to Guill, who now resides in the Guild Hall.
The Alchemist was an NPC in the Nexus in which players could pay Realm Gold or Alchemist Tokens (obtained from the Tinkerer prior to Release X.17) to spin for a chance at certain items. The Alchemist was occasionally available during the late Kabam era and once after DECA took over, but has been disabled because it was underutilized. In Release X.19, the Alchemist’s area in the Nexus was removed. There are no immediate plans to rework the Alchemist.
Before Release X17, the Tinkerer had a more limited and sequential quest system that was occasionally coupled with The Alchemist. To view older revisions see the Tinkerer History of the current Tinkerer page before September 5, 2017.
Lesser Gods, Critters, Demons, Golems, Grotesque, Humanoid, Undead and Rare Encounters
Enemies were once organized along categories similar to those found on the Oryx Sprite Sheet. As more and more complex and varied enemies were added to the game, deciding their categories became more difficult.
Keys were released at Patch 11.1.0 as an apology for players who bought a “too early” released version of the Lair of Draconis. All keys were turned into Old Firecrackers as of Patch 12.0.0. The dungeon cannot be accessed by normal means (as keys for the dungeon no longer exist).
The Original Lost Halls was released on August 1st, 2017, dropping Life, Mana, and having the same unique UT’s, T13 weapons, and T14 Armors it has today. The dungeon was reworked, and rereleased as the Lost Halls on May 24th, 2017, improving on enemy behavior, adding new content, changing drops around, and much more.
For the longest time, Oryx 2 functioned differently before the Halloween update on October 25th, 2018. This page details how the old Oryx battle functioned.
Before 2019, the Lair of Draconis was much different and had 2 modes that could be chosen by the players, Hard Mode and Normal Mode. This page shows what the LOD used to look like before it was changed.
The Lair of Shaitan was changed dramatically in 2019. This page shows what the dungeon was like before it was changed.
The Halloween Haunted Cemetery used to exist as a standalone dungeon. In October 2019 it was removed and the content added as a bonus additional boss within the Haunted Cemetery, accessible during special events. Any keys previously obtained were replaced with standard Cemetery keys. This page shows what the dungeon was like when it was standalone content.
Belladonna’s Garden was reworked for Valentine’s Day 2020. This page shows what the dungeon was like before it was changed.
The Cheater’s Quarantine is a special area that players are sent to if they attempt to access the Exalt supporter beta without being a supporter (through achieving at least Rank 2 in the Unity Support Campaign). After unsuccessfully trying to access the Exalt beta, logging into a character in the Flash client will send the player to this area instead of the Nexus. Because the supporter beta concluded on April 15, 2020, this area is no longer accessible and is documented here for historical purposes.
A previously used page, which has now been split into separate Development and Release History sections.
A removed game feature in which players fought through increasingly stronger waves of enemies by themselves, although pets were allowed, without the risk of permanent death. The Arena is not accessible in the Exalt client and was removed from the Flash client in July 2020, when Exalt was officially released.
A guide page for The Arena.