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Armor Lore

Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2020)

Leather Armor

Item Description
Leather armor fashioned from wolf pelts.
Armor made of hardened leather.
Leather armor made from the skin of a magical lizard.
Leather armor made from the tough hide of a minotaur.
Armor made from the thick leather of a dire bear.
Magically protective leather armor made from chimera hides.
Tough, durable armor made from wyvern leather.
Leather armor studded with metal rivets that provide extra protection.
Leather armor fashioned from the scaly skin of a fire breathing drake.
Leather armor made from the durable hide of a roc.
Leather armor made from the protective skin of hippogriffs.
Superior leather armor made from the magical hide of a griffon.
Superlative leather armor fashioned from the skin of a twelve-headed swamp hydra.
Outstanding leather armor made from the virtually impregnable hide of a great desert wyrm.
Magnificent leather armor made from the hide of the great leviathan, slain hundreds of years ago in a savage battle in the vast deeps.
Only cheaters wear this armor.
A tight fitting garment of snake skin that is both functional and stylish.
A necessary component for any beer-drinking or sausage-eating in the month of October.

Sprite Credits: Dappertron
A ghostly fabric from the other side.
Chitin armor fashioned from the exoskeleton of a blue Beehemoth. Ultra-light and extremely flexible, yet surprisingly tough.
Chitin armor fashioned from the exoskeleton of a red Beehemoth. Ultra-light and extremely flexible, yet surprisingly tough.
Chitin armor fashioned from the exoskeleton of a yellow Beehemoth. Ultra-light and extremely flexible, yet surprisingly tough.
A festive piece of armor, complete with bells. Try not to get too crazy.
Light armor crafted from the hard-as-steel leafy scales of a Leaf Dragon.
Mermaid-made armor woven from unbreakable coral threads.
This armor does not deflect projectiles like most materials known to man. It absorbs and engulfs them, sending them to a new plane of reality.
Standard issue armor for Commander Calbrik’s fleet. It stores energy to power a defensive shield when its wearer needs it most.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
This covering is assigned to Oryx’s negotiators to conceal weaponry and get away with stolen fortunes.
Specially weighted plates layered inside this armor channel greater force into every motion of the body for destructive blows.
Lightweight, yet protective armor taken from the shed exoskeleton of a warrior bee.
A lightweight floral coat fitted with the molted shell of a colossal insect. The energy of its evolution still pulses through, reacting upon blows.
Scarf held to the breeze
Commanding a storm’s vengeance
Hoping for silence.
An enduring garment of spectral steel worn by the shades of the shadows.
The parasites wait until the most opportune time, then strike at their targets. They become hosts to a greater evil.
Formed of the tissue surrounding a golem core.
To my shock, a spirit arose from the lamp and thanked me for freeing him. The Genie would only allow me access to the contents of the lamp if I proved myself against his vast spiritual power.
With little need for conventional armor, Skuld prefers to empower her magic arts even further.
The hide of a false creature given sentience by profane life-twisting magic, forever cursed as an affront to the laws of mortal life.
A specially coated armor designed with the intent of nullifying illnesses. It is most beneficial when used in tandem with equipment of similar attributes.
A devastating fracture in the center of this breathtaking armor tarnished its raw defensive abilities, but the dubious blessing of the Crystal Entity still allows it to aid the wearer in other ways.
An illustrious lineage of acclaimed bowmen have passed down this famed attire. It boasts such immense defensive power that its wearer is considered invincible.
Protective leather armor fashioned from the frozen, but resilient scales of a frost drake.

Sprite Credits: Poshun
Oryx’s assassins use this flexible armor to remain agile as they harness the Mad God’s power.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
He does not kill his victims. He becomes them.
A rather bare bones armor affording more protection than one would expect. This bag of bones seems so unsafe.

Sprite Credits: Tero, Aurum
Once worn by a remarkably ineffective scarecrow who was regularly swarmed by the very thing it swore to destroy.

Sprite Credits: Bonk, Aurum
Who said diapers couldn’t be fashionable?

Sprite Credits: WunderWafe


Item Description
A long woolen robe favored by students of magic.
A robe woven of rare yellow silk.
A well-made robe of enchanted blue silk.
A magical robe of faintly glowing wizardcloth.
A magical robe of gray moonsilk.
An enchanted robe of dark moonweave.
A powerful robe of delicately embroidered red feythread.
A silversilk robe masterfully sewn with morningdew spider threads.
A beautiful and versatile robe of the lightest magethread.
A highly decorated robe of purple wizardcloth, imbued with powers of sorcery and darkness.
A robe of rarest moonsilk, enhanced long ago with deep nocturnal enchantments.
A brightly colored robe of metallic threads, woven in the ancient elvish style and steeped in fey auras.
A bloodweft robe adorned with rubies and firegarnets, worn by an ancient sect of masterful wizards.
A robe of gossamer glowthread, used by the sorceress matriarchs of the western kingdoms.
A phenomenal robe magically woven from fibers of sapphire, topaz and lapis lazuli, created for the archwizard of the seraphic realms.
Only cheaters wear this robe.
An ancient ceremonial robe once worn by the Tlatoani.
An unusual robe made out of strangely flexible wood and coated in an otherworldly tree sap.
An ornate robe worn by servants of the faith.
The Tlatoani used this robe to aid them in casting their most powerful magic spells. Like their other ceremonial garbs, it rarely saw much combat application.
A well-worn robe used for Science!
A magic robe woven from enchanted threads of water harvested from a great Water Dragon’s body.
A glacial robe worn by the witch doctors of a bygone ice tribe during their sacred burial ceremonies. The passage of time has encased the cloth in a layer of permafrost, chilling those who fracture its coat.
A thin hood with a faded golden lace worn for sacrificial ceremonies. It has an aura of evil around it.
Standard issue armor for Commander Calbrik’s fleet. It stores energy to power a defensive shield when its wearer needs it most.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
The diplomacy of Chancellor Dammah goes as far as his limited patience. The true purpose of this robe is its deeply woven enchantment to bolster arcane powers.
This cursed robe overwhelms the wearer with conflicting thoughts of good and evil, shattering the will of the weak-minded.
On simple observation this robe has known many owners. All are dead.
A rigid hide, chemically engineered by Dr. Terrible and reinforced with rough scales. Though torn apart during battle, it remains powerful.
A ceremonial garment worn by those who worship the god Geb.
…finally, I cornered and killed the beast. When I awoke in a cold sweat…I felt youthful, powerful.
His gift was gracious, but I would not dabble in spirits. He challenged me to a duel.
Knowing they are to serve a more aggressive purpose on the front lines, Oryx’s chosen messengers utilize a plated robe, complete with a crimson cape.
A suffocating black smoke began to pour out, consuming the young enchantress. As her soul and mind burned to dust, the fibers of this robe were strangely unscathed.
Filled with all the necessary tools of showmanship, this dapper robe is a must-have for any true magician.
Woven together from the silk of the oceanic Deepstriders, this robe is completely resistant to the tides of the ocean. Such garments are commonplace for royal Slurp attire.
A breathtaking pair of delicate white wings used by the empyrean seraphim to reach the highest peaks of the heavens.
A ceremonial robe worn by ritual leaders during the celebration of the Summer Solstice. Its golden threads shine with the light of the sun.
An excellent robe, woven from icy threads. It’s typically only worn by the most adept ice mages.

Sprite Credits: Poshun
The designated members of Oryx’s court are fitted with this honorary robe, symbolizing their status among his legion.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
On simple observation this robe has known many owners. All are dead.
The scene was rocking, all were digging the sounds. Igor on chains, backed by his baying hounds.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Totalia’s garbs are specially fitted to be flexible enough to ride brooms. The cloth is also flame retardant, a quality which proved essential after more than one incident.

Sprite Credits: Aurum

Heavy Armor

Item Description
Armor made from interlocking iron links.
Armor made from interlocking links of metal.
Mail made from blued steel.
Well-made chainmail plated with silver.
Well-made chainmail plated with gold, clearly intended for the use of a great lord.
Armor made from overlapping plates of metal.
Chainmail made with reinforcing mithril ribs.
Armor made from the strongest and most desirable of all metals.
Armor made from the scales of a full grown dragon.
Magical cold plate armor inscribed with tales of destruction and murder.
Tremendously strong plate armor shrouded by an aura of demonic revenge.
Mighty felplate armor designed for the most powerful of demon lords.
Indestructible magical armor made for the elite stoneborn champions of the eastern citadels.
Exquisitely decorated adamantine armor smithed by underdeep dwarves for the wardens of the demonclefts.
Impenetrable forceplate armor worn by the blackguard conquerors of the necromantic uprising.
Only cheaters wear this armor.
Reinforced with magical hard candy from the candy forest. Sticky but strong.
Battle armor made from Fire Dragon scales, one of the strongest substances this world has ever seen.
The fungus covering this armor has eaten away all the metal. While offering little protection, its restorative powers make this armor unique.
A worn and battered suit of armor embedded with a mystic gem that flows with magical strength.
A fine sheet of marble charged with the same energy that powers the Marble Colossus. What it lacks in physical durability, it makes up for with a life-breathing aura.
Standard issue armor for Commander Calbrik’s fleet. It stores energy to power a defensive shield when its wearer needs it most.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Although refurbished, this breastplate is the very same Oryx received as a gift from the royal family in celebration of his gladiatorial prowess.
This colorful platemail is enchanted with special protections, a gift from the kind fairies that dwell in the Realm.
Made from the Heart of Zaarvox by Ulricht the first Dragon Tamer.
While being made of soft fabric, this outfit is mysteriously sturdy.
The buccaneers that raided the realm before Oryx’s rule famously wore such attire. Its opulence does not make for the most practical choice when sailing, but it was valued as a status symbol.
Skuld enchanted this signature armor by channeling Oryx’s relentless rage into its metal plates. This aura of anger now grants the strength of unbridled fury to anyone reckless enough to wear it themselves.
A breastplate crafted from sturdy plantlife and shards of iron. The plants seem to retreat when hit heavily.
A sturdy suit of armor, reinforced with ice plating. It’s worn by the bravest warriors known to challenge the Mad God.

Sprite Credits: Poshun
Onyx armor forged for use by Oryx’s famed champions, giving them a sample of Oryx’s furious strength.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
A piece of heavy plate mail forged in the dungeons of Oryx’s castle, it is decorated with dark red Almandine stones.
This colorful platemail is enchanted with special protections, a gift from the kind fairies that dwell in the Realm.
A cruel armor stitched from the victims of demonic killers, a symbol of one’s ruthlessness.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Battle armor made for the Eggre warriors.

Sprite Credits: Piggby