This page is for the in-game placeholder sprite unofficially named “Art”. If you are looking for Fan Art, see the RealmEye Forum.



This sprite is a placeholder used by the game on the character select screen to display when an unknown item is encountered. Most commonly this is when a character is holding an item that has since been deleted from the game code on the server. A example of this is when event tokens are removed.

Loading the character into the game will automatically cause the previous item (now the Art sprite) to disappear.

Also, sometimes if a player creates a new account (Or in rare cases a established account) their character may show on the character select screen as a “Level 0” character, and Art is the placeholder sprite for an item on the character select screen that could not be properly loaded due to this bug. The “Level 0” bug may not always coexist with the Art sprite, and vice versa.


The Art sprite has also previously appeared during times that the game was hacked.

In November 2012, unreleased items were hacked into the game with a exploit which involved a hacking program. The exploit changed the purchase of a HP/MP Pot into any other item that existed in the game’s code. Some of these items may now be obtained in the game through normal methods. One example is the Prism of Dancing Swords, which was an unreleased item at the time.

Admin items, such as the Admin Sword were also hacked into the game at this time. T13 Weapons and T14 Armors were also hacked into the game, as they were unreleased at the time. The exploit was promptly patched, and any unreleased items a player had previously acquired turned into the “Art” item which was useless and had the sprite above.

Note that the item doesn’t have an official name; it was dubbed the name Art by the community due to the item seemingly spelling out “ART”.

Some people report that if they had the unreleased items equipped when they were turned into “Art” items, they could not play as that character anymore.

You can view a video of the Admin Sword being used here, and you can view a general test of some of the hacked items here. More can be found here.