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Avatar of the Forgotten King

Last updated: Exalt Version (Feb 2021)
Avatar of the Forgotten King

The Avatar of the Forgotten King is an event boss that drops the entrance to The Shatters, and has a very small chance of dropping the Tablet of the King’s Avatar.

Charged with guarding the only entrance to The Shatters. Within is a dark power which once sought to take over Oryx’s Realm. (Steam Trading Card: Avatar of the Forgotten King)

The Realm Eye says:
After being trapped in his castle, forgotten by his own sentinel, the king of the Shatters knew he would need to begin his assault on the realm with a more indirect approach.
The Twilight Archmage’s magic granted the king the ability to project a spiritual manifestation of himself into the realm.
The many horrors of this avatar are actually a much truer depiction of the king’s inner madness. His mind is lost in his own delusions of grandeur, and his soul is lost to even darker forces.



HP: 150,000 (+10% [15,000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 90
EXP: 50,000

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stunned
Immune to Paralyzed
Immune to Dazed

Level 20 Quest
Counts toward Undead Kills
Counts toward Encounter Kills
Counts toward God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Fire Spinner
Swirl Confused for 4s
Unstable Arrow Unstable for 4s
Fire Bullet
Unstable Arrow Unstable for 4s


The Avatar is battled in its own special setpiece that has four pools of Pure Evil in the corners that deal damage on contact. There are also 4 Killer Pillars in the corners that activate during Phase 4. The boss does not move.

Has the Wooden Shield Armored status effect activated most of the time, resulting in an effective DEF of 135. Only during the time when it’s flashing red (once it stops firing shots) will its DEF be normal.

When not in a phase, the Avatar will use the following attacks in order:

  • Firing thick waves of Fire Spinners in 3 directions around it.
  • A 6-armed counterclockwise-rotating spiral of Fire Bullets.
  • Two 8-armed spirals of Fire Spinners (one rotating clockwise and one counter-clockwise).
  • Another 6-armed spiral of Fire Bullets, this time rotating clockwise before changing direction.

While not in any phase, the Avatar might shout one of these taunts:

After these attacks, the Avatar will flash red and stop shooting for about 3 seconds, allowing players to attack it. It will lose the Armored status during this rest period, making it an opportune time to strike.
”Foolish whelps…leave me be…”
”I must gather my strength..”


The Boss will enter these phases in order at certain HP intervals, approximately every time it loses 1/5 HP. During a phase (except the Blobomb phase), the Avatar is invulnerable and passive until all its summons are destroyed.

Phase 1: Shades of the Avatar
Taunt: ”Be consumed by shadow!”
The Boss summons 8 Shades of the Avatar around it that remain stationary and fire both radial and aimed attacks, while healing each other frequently for large amounts of health.

On reactivation: “You show some strength, but your conviction is lacking.”

Phase 2: Eyes of the Avatar
Taunt: ”EYE see you!”
The Boss spawns a large group of Eyes of the Avatar that orbit the boss while firing aimed white bullets. An important note is that once one Eye has been killed all other Eyes must be killed within 10 seconds, otherwise they will all respawn.

On reactivation: “Do not test me, whelps!”

Phase 3: Blobombs
Taunt: ”You shall be food for the ether. Blobs, attack!”
The Avatar summons three waves of 8 Blobombs (for a total of 24) from the pools around his arena, which chase players and attempt to explode on them. Note that the Avatar will immediately become active again upon summoning the second wave.

On reactivation: “I shall destroy you!”

Phase 4: Killer Pillars
Taunt: ”You leave me no choice…”
”Fools, this should take care of you.”
The 4 Killer Pillars around the boss activate one at a time, starting with the upper left one and rotating counter-clockwise around the arena. Once activated, the Pillars fire massive waves of highly-damaging bullets before becoming vulnerable and stopping for a few seconds. If a Pillar is not killed fast enough, it will go Mithril Shield Invulnerable and repeat the attack.

On reactivation: “Destroying me will only serve to bring you closer to death.”

The Avatar flashes red, then explodes into a nova of Fire Bullets, leaving behind all your hard-earned loot and a portal to The Shatters.


Phase 1:
Shades of the AvatarShades of the Avatar

Phase 2:
Eye of the AvatarEye of the Avatar

Phase 3:

Other enemies:
Killer PillarKiller Pillar (becomes active during Phase 4)

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Tips & Strategies

Battle Tips

  • It may be best to clear the area around the Avatar before initiating battle, especially if it spawns in the Mountains.
  • You may require a moderately sized group of players to beat the Avatar, as the first two phases require a certain level of DPS to be surpassed.
  • Weapons or Abilities with Armor Piercing properties are extremely effective against the Avatar because its extreme DEF greatly reduces damage from everything else. Anything that inflicts Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken can be especially devastating to the boss, allowing all players to deal full damage to it.
  • Stay away from the Avatar if you are low level. Not only are you susceptible to a quick death, but also you have a very small chance of reaching soulbound damage due to the Avatar’s high DEF.

Between phases: Spirals

  • This should go without saying, but DO NOT STAND ON THE AVATAR when it is firing its bullets, or when a phase is about to end. You WILL die.
  • The safest technique is to just maintain distance from the Avatar when it fires spiral after spiral of attacks. However, it will take the most damage in between its attacks.
  • Staff, Bow and Wand characters can stand a few (~7) tiles away from the Avatar and be able to fit between the fire spirals and continuously deal damage. Note that the spread of the stars is too narrow to fit through, so either back up or circle with them. An example of using this technique can be found here.
  • Alternatively, the player can circle with the shots and continuously deal damage. Note that this technique is extremely risky, and will result in death if not executed properly. An example of using this technique can be found here. This is not recommended for unmaxed characters.

Phase 1: Shades

  • Do not stand on the tile the Shades will be spawning. A full shotgun can deal up to 716 damage immediately, which is enough to heavily cripple, if not kill, an unmaxed character.
  • A considerable amount of DPS is required to do this phase successfully. Therefore, Warriors, Paladins, armor breaking, curses, and exposure are invaluable.
  • The Shades themselves pose little threat to most players. However, be wary as to not take too many shots as they deal high amounts of damage per shot.
  • When in a group, it is best to focus on a single shade to deal as much DPS as possible.

Phase 2: Eyes

  • A large amount of DPS is required to pass this phase. Similar to the first phase, any means to increase your party’s DPS is invaluable.
  • AoE paralyzing abilities (such as the Orb of Aether or Huntress’ traps) and poisons can make this phase significantly easier.
  • All 6 Eyes of each wave must be killed within 10 seconds or another set will spawn. This adds up to about 1900 damage that must be dealt total every second to successfully kill all Eyes and move to the next phase.
  • A proceeding wave will only spawn if at least 1 Eye from the previous wave has been killed.
  • The Eyes, similar to the Shades, pose little threat to the player. However, as many eyes can be present at a time, the damage can stack up to phenomenal amounts.
  • Because a certain number of eyes have to be killed before the Avatar can summon another wave of eyes, carefully weakening every eye to a low enough health and then proceeding to blitz them within a short period of time makes it possible to solo this phase with a high DPS character.

Phase 3: Blobs

Three waves of 8 blobs spawn during the whole phase from the four pools of pure evil (purple water). The first wave is the easiest, as the Avatar does not fire any bullets, but is also invulnerable. The Avatar resumes his normal attacks when the second wave spawns. This phase should not be taken lightly as the blobs will try to come close to you and explode on you in a nova blast.

  • This could be considered the most deceiving part of the battle. Many disregard Blobombs as harmless. However, be informed that taking even a few of the many shots they fire, multiplied by each blob that spawns, can kill even an 8/8 Knight.
  • The strategy for dealing with them is simple. Shoot and kill or trigger and kill, both being uniquely (moderately) risky.
  • Shooting and killing them is self-explanatory. However, make sure to not accidentally trigger the Blobombs.
  • To trigger the bombs, simply touch them and back off. There is a small interval between you touching them and them exploding (signified by them flashing red). Note that this becomes increasingly difficult as the number of blobombs increase. This is not recommended for unmaxed characters.

Phase 4: Killer Pillars

  • For starters; DO NOT STAND ON the Pillars. Doing so will lead to instant death, regardless of what class you are.
  • The first pillar to fire is the north-west pillar, followed by the south-west, north-east, then south-east Pillars. Memorise this pattern so you can evade the next active Pillar’s attacks quickly.
  • Since the Pillars effectively have 140 defense, paired with 25000 HP, killing a Pillar singlehandedly will take a long time. However, note that damage dealt to the Pillars will not be replenished. Therefore, this phase can be done even with a lack of DPS.
  • Pillars will not fire when they are vulnerable.

Recommended Classes

Warrior and Paladin

  • Warriors and Paladins are capable of increasing the DPS of any group.
  • Recommended: T5+ helm/seal
  • Note: The speedy provided by the tiered helms and other abilities can be dangerous if the user is not ready for the burst of speed.

Paladin * Oreo

  • Paladins with an Oreo can tank shots for a group for a few seconds to make it easier to deal damage. Execute at own risk. Not recommended for unmaxed characters.


  • Simply put, the presence of tomes shrinks the chance of death.
  • Recommended: T5+ tomes

Knight * Ogmur

  • Due to the high defense of the Avatar and the related goons, the Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken that Ogmur inflicts is invaluable to a group, especially a small one.


  • Due to the Assassin’s poison ignoring armor, the Avatar’s health can be chunked much faster. Thus, it is very easy for an Assassin to land enough damage to get loot.
  • Landing a poison on all 6 Eyes during the second phase greatly helps with clearing them out.
  • Recommended: T4+ poison

Assassin * Crystallised Fang’s Venom

  • Similar to the Knight with Ogmur, this poison also inflicts Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken for a good amount of time, increasing DPS of the group an invaluable amount.


  • Similar to the Assassin’s poison, the Ancient Spell scores the Wizard a massive amount of damage (about 1680 HP per spell), especially considering that the Avatar lies on the center of a tile, meaning perfect spell bombs all the way.


During MOTMG 2020, the sprite for Avatar of the Forgotten King changed to fit the Reconstruction theme. However, unlike most reskinned event bosses, the name did not change.

MOTMG Avatar of the Forgotten King

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