Azure Soul Shard

Last updated: 27.7.X7.1



HP: 5000
DEF: 20
EXP: 0
Location: Lair of Draconis

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Silver Shield
Dragon Attack Blue Bullet
Silver Shield


Azure Soul Shards have five phases:

  1. Shield-attack phase
  2. Blue missile/shield attack phase
  3. Blue-missile-attack phase
  4. Heal/circle boss phase
  5. Heal/circle player phase

In the shield-attack phase, the azure soul shards will attempt to circle nearby players at slow speeds, while repeatedly firing 2-shield shotguns with a medium bullet spread. However, the minions will refuse to go far from Nikao, and will move back and forth if trying to chase players past a certain distance from him.

In the blue missile/shield attack phase, they will circle the player at slow speeds (with no restriction on distance from Nikao) while repeatedly firing a medium-spread shotgun of two blue missile bullets. If you get close to the minions, then they will add a medium-spread 2-shield shotgun attack on top of their blue missile attack. This shield attack is the same as in the shield-attack phase.

In the blue-missile-attack phase, the azure soul shards will circle the player at slow speeds, while repeatedly firing a single blue missile bullet at the nearest player.

In the heal/circle boss phase, all of the azure soul shards will circle Nikao, ignoring all players, while individually healing Nikao for 500 HP every 3 seconds. In this phase, the minions do not attack.

In the heal/circle player phase, all of the azure soul shards will attempt to circle nearby players at slow speeds, while firing singular black missile bullets. At the same time as circling you and attacking, each minion heals Nikao for 1000 HP every 3 seconds. Their shots are not aimed at players. Rather, each shot is aimed south of the soul shard’s position. “South” is a specific direction, the one that exists when you have a default minimap position. This means that, if your default playing angle is zero degrees (and you’re playing with that default angle), the minions will all be shooting directly downwards. This direction is the same general direction as the ice-walled entrance to Nikao’s arena. In this phase, if the minions are far away enough from Nikao, they will be unable to heal him.

All azure soul shards will always be in the same phase as each other.

Each time you kill all of the azure soul shards, Nikao will exclaim, “My children will feast on your soul!” When he does this, his minions will respawn (one minion per blue arena egg), and will all enter one of the five possible minion phases, chosen at random. The phase they have chosen may be the same as their previously-chosen phase.

Once Nikao exits this transition phase and enters one of his main phases, his minions will randomly choose a different phase again.

When Nikao dies, all azure soul shards will immediately despawn.

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Tips and Strategies

  • Contrary to popular belief, killing an Azure Soul Shard will not directly heal Nikao.
  • These minions generally do not pose a threat unless you are either armor broken or using a low-defense unmaxed character.
  • When killing Nikao, it is best if his minions are in their shield-attack phase. While they are in this phase, they will only deal negligible damage, are easy to dodge, and will not heal Nikao.
  • If you want the minions to be in a certain phase, you need to kill them all and let them respawn until they happen to randomly choose your desired phase.

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