Beach Bum

Last updated: 19.5.0



HP: 20,000 (+10% [2,000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 15
EXP: 100
Location: Anywhere between Midland and Godlands.

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Does Not Attack


Oryx the Mad God Quotes:
“What is this lazy Beach Bum doing in my Realm?”
“An elusive Beach Bum is hiding somewhere in the Realm.”
“(Player name) has killed the innocent Beach Bum!”
“” (Not an error, Oryx says a blank message after the Beach Bum is killed.)

Incredibly rarely, instead of creating a Ghost Ship, Oryx will announce the appearance of a Beach Bum in a realm.

The Beach Bum wanders around an area very similar to that of the Ghost Ship’s, with a slightly larger island in the middle. When he gets to very low health, he will start running away. He still isn’t very fast and will have almost no HP at that point, so there’s no risk of him getting away.

No quest marker will point to it at all, leaving finding the island to complete chance and scouring of the map. Once killed, the Beach Bum has a slim chance of dropping a key to Davy Jones’ Locker in a public bag, and almost always the portal to the Beachzone.

Fun Fact: For a short time, the public purple bag containing the Davy Jones’s Locker Key could be used to trade untiered items.

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Tips and Strategies

Again, the appearance of a Beach Bum is incredibly rare, such that there could be hundreds of realms that pass by without one. Even if Oryx decides to spawn one, there is an even lesser chance of being able to find it before someone else happens to kill the Beach Bum.

If you are still determined however, A decent stratergy would be to team up with players and start from godlands and work your way outwards until you happen to stumble across the setpiece - make sure you cover as much as the map as possible between midlands and godlands.

If you are seeking the ‘Davy Jones locker’ key it drops, then it would be best to kill the Beach Bum upon sight before another player might teleport and pick it up before you.

Once you’ve had your moment of triumph of killing such a harmless enemy, it’s a good idea to call ‘Beachzone’ if the dungeon happens to spawn as the boss of beachzone requires usually a few players to take down. Plus you get to share the beach with more players and get wicked tans together! Gnarly dude!
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