Beachzone Guide

Beachzone | Suggested Level: 1

Beachzone PortalBeachzone PortalBeachzone PortalBeachzone PortalBeachzone Portal

How & Why to find a Beach Zone


Beach Bum

Beachzones are the rarest dungeon! Your best bet at getting in to one is by killing a Beach Bum. Beach Bums can be found on their own little water area found in between the lesser godlands and the mid-forest. His beach area looks similar to that of the Ghost Ship except it is smaller, less intimidating, and not filled with OP skulls. You will know there is one in the realm, because Oryx will shout: “What is this lazy Beach Bum doing in my Realm?!”. Finding him is extremely rare and the boss requires a massive amount of DPS to defeat, so bring as many friends or players from the realm as possible. He won’t fight you, all he does is waddle around in place. When you kill him, he should drop a Beach Zone, and has a chance of dropping a key for the Davy Jones’ Locker dungeon, fun for later.


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I think everyone should just do this dungeon once if they find it. It’s not risky to find, nor is it risky to run through. This dungeon is just a great realm experience and if some one calls it out, join them! This is a really funny dungeon so just enjoy it.


Navigating through the dungeon

To successfully travel through this dungeon you must relax, enjoy the sun rays, maybe take a dip in the ocean, splash around a bit, take a break from it all and just unwind. Lay down on a beach towel, if you’re feeling hot lay under a beach umbrella. No, but really, the whole dungeon is just one big island. There are no enemies who will retaliate if shot, so don’t worry! When you get bored go to the center of the island where you can ‘get down’ with the Masked Party God.


Boss: Masked Party God

Masked Party God

The Party God is impossible to take down solo or in small groups, so guild runs are advised if you’re hellbent on killing him. It’s like a Crystal: you have to do a lot of damage in little time, or else he will heal, but unlike the Crystal it will not show how much it healed. At least a warrior and a paladin are recommended for the buffs, and use a knight with the Shield of Ogmur to get past his high defense. Alternatively, you can just chill with him! After you kill him he will drop many alcoholic beverages which do weird stuff to you…