Beginner Quest Chest

Beginner Quest Chest An dusty chest from the Tinkerer’s vault. It contains handy items.

Tooltip: Only usable in the Vault. Use to spawn a destructible chest containing rewards.

Soulbound Soulbound

Consumed with use

Feed Power: 200

Loot Bag Assigned to Orange Bag
Drops From Generous Dungeon Modifier
Obtained Through Tinkerer Quest Reward

Using the chest consumable item when within your Vault will spawn a destructible chest enemy which can drop low-tiered gear, offers a small chance at ‘lesser’ stat potions, and untiered/special items as shown in the loot table below.

Like all Quest Chests, Loot Boosters do have an effect on your loot; however, remember that the tier cannot be boosted beyond the items that naturally drop from the chest, so usually the Loot Drop effect is more desirable, to boost the chances of receiving an untiered item.

The dungeons within the Beginner Quest pool are as follows.

Beginner Quest Chest

Stats (Beginner Quest Chest Enemy)

HP: 2,500
DEF: 0
EXP: 10,000



Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
N/A 0 Pet Stasis Pet Stasis for 20s 0 0 Inflicts Pet Stasis when spawned


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Tips and Strategies

  • If you have a pet that can do damage, do not be too casual when opening chests as if you fail to register any shots on the chest, and you allow your pet to do 100% of the damage, you will get no loot. However the chest does apply a 20 second pet stasis effect when you open it, which should be sufficient time for you to damage the chest, even with a low tier weapon.
  • If you leave the Vault for any reason midway through attacking the chest (nexusing, or closing the game), the chest will disappear and any potential loot will be lost. So, it is not recommended to open chests after you have been running the game for a long session and have high memory buildup, as a disconnection could rob you of potential loot.
  • It is possible to die from a Quest Chest. Using a chest at 0 HP (achievable with max HP-lowering equipment such as certain Mistake gear) will cause death from the pet stasis “attack” (called Testing Pet Stasis) from the chest.


This tier of Quest Chest was added in Patch X.32.2.0 (Nov 2019) along with Marks for the relevant dungeons which had until that time not dropped Marks.