Blue Drake Egg

Blue Drake Egg Blue Drake An egg that when used, hatches a Blue Drake to help you in battle for a short time, paralyzing your enemies.

Consumed with use
Feed Power: 45

Duration of Drake: 30 seconds
Effect: Paralyzes enemies for 5 seconds
Rate of Fire: Every 1 second

Loot Bag Assigned to Purple Bag
Drops From Large Ghost
Treasure Pot
Obtained Through Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages


Commonly dropped, along with the Yellow Drake Egg, by the Large Ghost archers that spawn from the Ghost King. However, the small and medium archers DO NOT drop the drake eggs.


Added in Build 111 (Feb 2011), originally also purchasable in the Nexus at a cost of 400 fame. This cost was reduced to 240 fame at some point.

The drop rate was approximately tripled in Build 120 (Nov 2011).

The item was removed from the shops in mid-2014, after functional pets had become established.

In Patch X.17.0 (Sep 2017) the Blue Drake’s ability received a small change, prior to this it would attempt to target and zap any nearby enemy regardless of paralyze-immunity. It also received a range buff in this patch when some XML issues in the code were repaired.