Bow of Eternal Frost

Bow of Eternal Frost Snow Flakes
Bow of Eternal Frost: You are not a unique snowflake. You’re like one of five or something.

Tier: 11 (Limited/T11)
Shots: 3
Damage: 49-70 (Average: 57.5)
Range: 7.04 (True Range: 2.51)
Fame Bonus: 3%
Feed Power: 310

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops:
Oryx the Mad God
Oryx the Mad God 2
Stone Guardians
Skull Shrine
Cube God
Dr Terrible
Ghost Ship
Haunted Cemetery

This item was initially released during the Winter 2013 Season.

As of Patch 27.7.X10.3, the bow’s stats are exactly the same as the Bow of Innocent Blood except for a significantly smaller true range.