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Campaigns (Rev. 1)

Campaigns are limited-time events accessible from the Shop in which players progress through increasing tiers of awards in exchange for meeting certain Campaign Point milestones. These points can be earned by spending Realm Gold, using certain Tokens that are dropped from specific monsters, or a combination of both, depending on the campaign.

Unity Campaign

The goal of the first campaign was to help fund the porting of Realm of the Mad God to the Unity engine by 2020, due to the end of support for Adobe Flash, the engine that the game ran on from the beginning. Higher-tier rewards included placement on the Supporter Wall of Fame, Unity beta access, exclusive gravestones, and purple glows/names.

Bonus Campaigns

Subsequent campaigns are known as Bonus Campaigns and are occasionally released for seasonal events (ex. Month of the Mad God, Christmas), or other promotions such as the release of new Special Themed Set items.