Candy Gnome

Last updated: 15.0.0

The Candy Gnome is a rare encounter in the Midlands, which can be distinguished by dark green terrain, low amounts of trees, and enemies such as Wasp Queens and Big Green Slimes.



HP: 800
DEF: 12
EXP: 200
Location: Mid Plains

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Does Not Attack


The Candy Gnome runs away from players, stopping every once in a while.

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Tips and Strategies

The traditional method to search for a Candy Gnome is following the Midlands road, which is the second road from the shore. Candy Gnomes will try to run away from you. Don’t call the gnome, kill it and call the dungeon. You are wasting other people’s time if no Candyland drops and the gnome may escape if you take the time to call it. If you are not very fast, you may lose sight of it. If you do lose sight of it, and it went off the path, go in that direction and there might be a Candyland laying there.

It is more conventional to use a dagger class–because they tend to have high speed stats–coupled with a speed ring so you cover more space in a shorter amount of time. It can take a large amount of time to find a Candy Gnome.

With all this information, don’t go looking for one when you do not have any maxed stats, the Candyland Hunting Grounds dungeon itself is fairly hard, so think before you enter.

If the Candy Gnome escapes the chaser, it will kill itself. This counts as it dying, so there is a chance you may find a stray Candyland and some gumballs if you keep heading that direction. If more than 30 seconds pass and you haven’t found any sign, the dungeon will have closed and you might as well give up. A cloaking rogue confuses the Gnome into thinking it escaped if no one else is nearby, making rogues great for finding them even if not so great at the dungeon itself. Being a highly sought after dungeon some people use this to troll. Be VERY careful when teleporting to a candyland caller as it may be a death trap. Unfortunately most candyland calls are fake callers trying to get you to teleport so you die. Teleport with caution!

Another way to find it without maxed speed is having a friend going to one way of the road and you to the other, this will be more effective, if you and your friend encounter twice, you have no luck, change portal/server.

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