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Candy Gnome

Last updated: 15.0.0
Candy Gnome

The Candy Gnome is a rare enemy that is found in the Midlands plains.

It is widely sought after by players for its ability to drop the Candyland Hunting Grounds.



HP: 800
DEF: 12
EXP: 200
Location: Mid Plains

Counts towards Humanoid kills



The Candy Gnome will wait until it spots a player, upon which it will run away from them.

Periodically, it will stop running.

If it gets too far away from a player, it will self-destruct.

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Tips and Strategies

Hunting a Candy Gnome is a simple endeavor, albeit time-consuming. Simply follow the midlands road until you find a gnome. When it spots you, it will attempt to flee and you must give chase to catch it!

If the Candy Gnome gets too far away, it will self-destruct. Oddly enough, this can still drop the dungeon, so searching the area in its direction can be worthwhile, but if this takes more than 30 seconds you should give up, as the dungeon will have already despawned.

Dagger classes, particularly Rogues, are best suited for hunting Candy Gnomes because of their high speed and in the case of the rogue: Invisibility. Peculiarly, Candy Gnomes believe they’ve escaped players when a rogue turns invisible which causes them to self-destruct. This skips the process of chasing the gnome entirely.

If you lack any maxed statistics, however, do NOT go hunting Candy Gnomes. The Candyland Hunting Grounds is a fairly difficult dungeon that could easily kill you without the required stats to survive it.

Be cautious when people call Candyland Hunting Grounds, as many players use this as a trolling tactic to make people teleport onto them when they are in a situation that would get them killed. Some players which cheat to make themselves invincible will sit on normally lethal enemies, such as the Avatar of the Forgotten King, and call valuable dungeons to make people teleport to their demise. Fortunately, a player is granted temporary invicibility after every teleport.

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