Candy of Ominous Spells

Candy of Ominous Spells A dubious candy that specially made by a certain witch. Contains strange ingredients, witchcraft and unleashes its power to those who consume.

Effect on use: +50 HP, +50 MP
Hexed on self for 180 seconds
Hallucinating on self for 90 seconds

Loot Bag Assigned to Blue Bag
Drops From Candy Pumpkin Chest

You get it from the end of the maze in the Halloween Nexus 2017

Once you get to the end of the maze, you will be teleported into a room with a circular house in the middle. To enter, and get the Candy of Ominous Spells, you will need to say “Trick or treat”, in chat. Grammar is not accounted for. The door to the house will then open and inside there will be some invincible pumpkins, filled with candy. After five seconds, the invincibility will wear off, and you can collect your Candy of Ominous Spells.