Cave of a Thousand Treasures Guide

Cave of a Thousand Treasures
(Suggested Level: 16)

Cave of a Thousand Treasures PortalCave of a Thousand Treasures PortalCave of a Thousand Treasures PortalCave of a Thousand Treasures PortalCave of a Thousand Treasures Portal

How & Why


Treasure Map

To get a Treasure Map, you must create a new Kongregate account and reach level 20 with the Ninja. You can then invite the alternate account you made to your guild (if you want to do a guild Treasure Cave) or go into a Pirate Cave on both characters (if you want to solo).

This dungeon can also drop from Djinn enemies in the godlands at a very low rate.


Potion of Defense

Now whilst this place is great for finding quick defense pots, and is extremely easy and simplistic, I cannot justify you paying real money for this particular dungeon. But if you see someone else open one I think you might as well go in.

Navigating through the dungeon

Seriously, once you have seen one of these dungeons you have seen them all. They always have the exact same layout (other than a few different placements of the jars, enemies, and angle of the boss room entrance), so they’re not challenging to navigate. When you enter the dungeon you are in a room with a bunch of square tracks with wood traps on them- as long as you don’t charge into the wood trap it can’t hurt you.

In some of the rooms up ahead you will see treasure rats, which are tiny, until someone shoots it. Then it will grow very big and begin to chase players down. These are the best monsters in the whole dungeon as they drop at least 1 defense potion. You also have to watch out for treasure chests with mouths that try to eat you! After these first rooms you will now face the boulder trap. The boulder trap is a hallway going up, with a giant boulder rolling down. You can use the grooves on the side of the corridor to go a little bit further up each time. The next room is a room FILLED with gold- and Treasure Plunderers. Treasure Plunderers can also drop Attack Potions. They have a trick up their sleeve- they can go invisible. After this room you will have the fire trap room, which is just a timed fire wave that goes across the room in a constant rate and pattern. There are 5 safe places to stand, but they are blocked off by breakable pottery. Just shoot where you are going to walk and you won’t get burned. Now after this room you go into the boss room.

The Boss, Golden Oryx Effigy

Golden Oryx Effigy

Golden Oryx has 2 battle phases, 1 that he is completely vulnerable in and the second, which he is absolutely invincible in. In his first phase he has 4 protectors around him, circling him like the protection crystals of a Lord of the Lost Lands. These idols can do 80 damage if you are wearing absolutely no armor, so steer clear. They also like to blind you with shurikens. After you kill the 4 protectors then Gold Oryx will go into his second phase. He will then start to fire Medusa-style bombs everywhere as he starts his rage phase - once he calms down he spawns his little satellite minions again and you just rinse and repeat. Just remember that you cannot hurt him until all of the satellite guards are dead. Not too difficult.


A dungeon which is difficult to get in to and not very rewarding. It’s also rather easy, with a boss which promises more than it delivers. However, it is a very fun experience, and the only dungeon that is more trap-oriented than enemy-oriented. If you actually get into one of these, you should ‘treasure’ the moment.