Chancellor Wizard Set

Chancellor Wizard
Class Wizard
Themed on Chancellor Dammah
Drops From Chancellor Dammah (Superior / Genesis Spell / Diplomatic Robe / Chancellor's Cranium)
Overall Stat Bonus +170 HP, +10 ATT, +17 DEF, +3 DEX
Final Stats at 8/8 840 HP, 385 MP, 85 ATT, 42 DEF, 50 SPD, 78 DEX, 40 VIT, 60 WIS
Total XP Bonus 32%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Exalt Version (July 2020)

The Chancellor Wizard Set is a UT Themed Set released in Exalt Version (July 2020). It was released alongside four other UT themed sets; the Treasurer Trickster Set, Archbishop Priest Set, Chief Ninja Set and Exalted Knight Set.

This set primarily focuses on staying closer than usual to the enemy. Superior has a true range of about 5 tiles. The Diplomatic Robe and Cranium both have procs that activate when you take damage, with similarly short ranges. The Chacellor’s Cranium is often more appealing to other, naturally closer range classes, but the rest of the set proides some of the highest damage a Wizard can offer.