Choosing a Class (Summary)

Though some classes may shine at different things, there is no objectively best class. This is a companion guide to the main Choosing a Class guide that is much more brief in its description. Note that such terse descriptions can not possibly explain the nuance of any class; see the main article or the seperate Class Guides for more detail. This also assumes players are somewhat experienced (can get 4/8 reliably).

  • Wizard: (One of) the best damage outputs in the game, from good range. Frail and slow, truly optimal spell damage is difficult to obtain.
  • Priest: Healing and massive range gives great survivability. Raw defenses are fairly low, MP-expensive, and weak offensively.
  • Archer: Decent damage, good crowd control, and stops enemies from moving. Tiered bows have low effective range, weak utility against status immune bosses.
  • Rogue: Goes invisible, fast, amazing for rushing/solo content. Doesn’t help much in group scenarios, suffers lategame without certain endgame items.
  • Warrior: Extremely strong, fast, good DEF, and gives a group buff. Tiered swords have short range, which is still dangerous (especially unmaxed).
  • Necromancer: Decent damage, with healing and more bulk; better with large amounts of enemies. Also slow. If survival isn’t an issue, often gets overshadowed by Wizard.
  • Assassin: Fast, amazing at getting (soulbound) damage and getting out. Weak niche outside of that or godlands.
  • Huntress: Very similar to archer; AOE slowing, good crowd control. Inflicting Slow is useless if Paralysis is available, low true range of tiered bows.
  • Knight: Best defense in the entire game, can completely stun many bosses. Good burst damage. Sluggish, somewhat difficult to get DEF potions, short range.
  • Ninja: Extremely fast with very high damage stats. Pretty frail with not much range.
  • Sorcerer: Massive range, large crowd control, easy to aim. Damage focused but competes with staff classes, losing without a great UT wand.
  • Mystic: Stasis enemies, stopping them from shooting or being harmed, while Cursing them. Ability requires lots of skill to use in a helpful manner.
  • Trickster: Teleport anywhere you can see. Group utility via decoy, distracting bosses. Very high skill to master; don’t teleport into enemies!
  • Paladin: Psuedo-healer; giving the group damage and regeneration. Sword class (good damage, low range).
  • Samurai: Decent damage / burst damage; inflicts debuff on enemies. Ability can’t be used in confined spaces. Technically only one is needed (i.e useful) per group.
  • Bard: Buffs group’s range and defense. Robe with low range bows; many bows’ effective range unaffected by own buff.
  • Summoner: Very long range DPS. Summons allow micromanagement, but also desire micromanagement and MP-expensive. Again, lackluster wands require great UTs for good DPS.
  • Kensei: Dashes across enemies, boosting ATK per hit and giving invulnerability during dash. Can also dash straight into an enemy; risky in general.