Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.
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Christmas Stat Boosters

Powerful consumables that provide massive boosts to a specific stat for an extremely long duration. Note that switching zones (from portals, Nexusing, or any other method) will remove the buffs.

These consumables were first released on December 2017, and are only obtainable during Winter events.

Also note they are Soulbound Soulbound.

Feed Power
900 seconds
+200 HP
You’ll feel stronger, as long as you don’t eat the red thingies. Use this item to buff your HP for 15min.
Blue Ice Candy
900 seconds
+200 MP
Keep these in your pocket and you’ll never be oom. Use this item to buff your Mana for 15min.
Candy Cane
900 seconds
+10 ATT
Who would win? Oryxmas or one sugary boi? Use this item to buff your Attack for 15min.
900 seconds
+10 DEF
Provides all the vitamins you need, fresh fruits are overrated anyway. Use this item to buff your Defense for 15min.
Santa's Sleigh
900 seconds
+10 SPD
Needless to say, you’ll sleigh the competition. Use this item to buff your Speed for 15min.
Figgy Pudding
900 seconds
+10 DEX
A few minutes of gustatorial delight, then it’s all regrets. Use this item to buff your Dexterity for 15min.
Egg Nog
900 seconds
+20 VIT
An Egg Nog a day keeps the Krampus away. Use this item to buff your Vitality for 15min.
Frost Cake
900 seconds
+20 WIS
The only kind of frost that won’t give you a brain freeze. Use this item to buff your Wisdom for 15min.