Cloth Bazaar

Last updated: Release X.31.7.0
Cloth Bazaar Portal

The Cloth Bazaar is a location accessed from the Nexus. Two Cloth Bazaars are located in the Nexus in each server, one on each side of the main area. The Cloth Bazaar primarily sells dyes and cloths, but is also an area for players to host private dungeons.


Cloth Bazaar Map

Items sold

Item type Location
Clothing Dyes West, Central West
Accessory Dyes South, Central South
Large Cloths East, Central East
Small Cloths North, Central North, occasionally on South and Central South mixed with Accessory Dyes

Dungeon hosting

Due to its semi-private location, the Cloth Bazaar is a popular location for players to host private dungeons. Most commonly, these involve dungeon keys bought from another player, or when one player wishes to host for a group of players in different guilds.

The specific location of a bazaar dungeon is usually given in the following format: “(server) left/right.” Example: USE2 left means that the dungeon will be in the left bazaar in the Nexus of the USEast2 server.

Players should not enter dungeons opened in the bazaar without explicit permission from the opener. Doing so is known as dungeon crashing, and is heavily frowned upon in the community. Players should always assume that dungeons opened in the bazaar are private, unless told otherwise.

Patch X.31.3.0 gave players who open keys in bazaars the ability to kick other players out of the dungeon that they opened using the command /kick [player name].


It is possible to enter the central fountain in the bazaar using teleporting classes (i.e. Trickster Prisms or Rogues with Cloak of the Planewalker). A player may also enter using a technique known as “X-walking”, although some consider this an exploit. If there is a player in the fountain, others may teleport to the player by typing “/tp (name)”, even though teleportation via the player menu is disabled in the bazaar. Some players choose to open dungeons in the fountain in an effort to prevent dungeon crashing.

In Release X.15, players must wait 30 seconds after entering the bazaar before entering any portal. This was implemented in response to a recent notification exploit, which allowed players to view the locations and connect to bazaar dungeons with a paid third-party client.