Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.

Cocoon Quiver

Cocoon Quiver Dragon Attack Green Arrow A silky case of arrows woven by Mama Megamoth’s larvae for use by her woodland warriors.

Tier UT
MP Cost 60
Effect(s) Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 2 seconds
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Shots 2 (arc gap: 5°)
Damage 120–200 (average: 160)
Total Damage 240–400 (average: 320)
Projectile Speed 14 tile(s)/second
Lifetime 0.55 second(s)
Range 7.7 tiles (true range: 5.19 tile(s))
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 85

Loot Bag Assigned to Cyan Bag
Drops From Mama Megamoth
Beginner Quest Chest

This, along with the Bramble Bow, is a great early to mid game archer item. It drops from an early dungeon, and paralyzes (not seen until T3)! The paralyze is not as long as the higher tiered quivers (3 seconds vs 2 seconds), but having 2 shots makes landing your paralyze easier. The DPS is also comparable to a T6 quiver if both shots hit, while costing 15 less mana per use.