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Consolation of Draconis

Last updated: Build 12.0.0
Consolation Room of Draconis

Consolation of Draconis was a dungeon available between Build 11.1.0 (2013/02/08) and Build 12.0.0 (2013/03/27). It was created as compensation for those who bought keys to the Lair of Draconis when it was accidentally released, and later patched out.

This dungeon can only be encountered by finding Craig in the sprite world. Upon initiating Craig’s dialogue by calling out his name when finding him in the sprite world, followed by reminding him about “numbers”, Craig will run a series of dialogue before spawning the Consolation of Draconis.

The Realm Eye says:
While Oryx was preparing the Lair of Draconis, he accidentally let keys to the dungeon fall into the hands of adventurers far earlier than he had planned.
He cursed the keys in a frantic attempt to keep his project concealed, causing the portals to lead to a decoy room instead.
Nobody was fooled.


Consolation Key The Consolation Key replaced all instances of the Draconis Key, which were briefly available in the Nexus for 20 Fame.



Consolation of Draconis Layout

The Consolation of Draconis consists of two rooms. The first, where players spawn, is a largely-empty hallway; the second is a smaller room resembling a “smiley face” containing a single Loot Baloon.


Loot Baloon


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The only enemy that spawns within the Consolation of Draconis is the Loot Baloon. It has no attacks and merely attempts to evade players.

Loot Baloon

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Drops From

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The Draconis Key was accidentally sold in the item shop in Build 11.0.0, but was replaced by the Consolation Key upon the release of Build 11.1.0. The developers’ message was as follows:

“Our Developers are now pushing a hotfix, that will replace any Lair of Draconis Keys with the newly coined Consolation of Draconis keys. Consolation of Draconis Keys will open a portal to a small room where you can find a random Stat Potion. Thank you all for your patience.”

Upon the release of Build 12.0.0, all Consolation Keys were replaced with Old Firecrackers.

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