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Coral Gift

Last updated: X.26.0.0

Rarely, Thessal will respawn after death. If you answer her question with, “He lives and reigns and conquers the world,” then three Coral Gifts will spawn around her.



HP: 23000 [+20% (4,600 HP) per player in dungeon]
DEF: 5
EXP: 0
Location: Ocean Trench

Immune to Stasis

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Does not attack


Does not move


Spawned by:

Thessal the Mermaid GoddessThessal the Mermaid Goddess

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Tips and Strategies

  • Pretty much Test Chests: Pour all your firepower upon them.

  • Prior to release X.26, Coral gifts only had 1200 HP and did not have HP scaling, which made them die extremely quickly, forbidding most unlucky players from getting loot from these.

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