Corrupted Paladin Set

Corrupted Paladin
Class Paladin
Themed on Unknown
Drops From Killer Bee Queen (Fallen One's Blade)
The Forgotten King (Abyssal Insignia)
Esben the Unwilling (Vortex Plating)
Crystal Prisoner (Eye of the Void)
Obtained Through “A Story of War VI” Campaign
Mystery Paladin ST Crate
2nd Piece Bonus +5 DEF, +4 VIT
3rd Piece Bonus +40 HP, +5 VIT
4th Piece Bonus +60 HP, +5 VIT, +10 DEX
Subtotal of Bonuses +100 HP, +5 DEF, +10 DEX, +14 VIT
Overall Stat Bonus +260 HP, +29 DEF, +10 DEX, +24 VIT
Final Stats at 8/8 1030 HP, 252 MP, 55 ATT, 59 DEF, 55 SPD, 65 DEX, 84 VIT, 75 WIS
Total XP Bonus 22%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Exalt Version (Sep 2021)

The Corrupted Paladin Set is the 35th special themed set to be released.