Corruption Phantom

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Corruption Phantom

The Corruption Phantom is the secret boss of the Cursed Library.

The Realm Eye says:
That wretched scourge was a creation of Lord Ruthven, designed to destroy the wealth of knowledge stored here.
The infestation spread swiftly. Like most of Ruthven’s magic, it siphoned the souls of those unfortunate enough to be here when the plague struck.
The eyes that sought knowledge, the lips that spoke truth, the hands that parsed pages, all were mercilessly removed to torment them further.



Base HP: 15,000 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 0
EXP: 6,000
Location: Cursed Library

Quest Monster
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Paralyzed
Immune to Stun
Levitates off ground
Counts toward Grotesque Kills
Counts toward God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Corruption Bolt
Skull Sick for 2.4s
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Corruption Star
Red Down Arrow Slowed for 2s
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Shots Boomerang
Corruption Spinner
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Parametric Shots are parametric
Magnitude: 4


The Corruption Phantom is found in a sealed room behind the spawn room. The room will only open once all of the pressure plates in the dungeon have been activated. The pressure plates’ locations will be marked on the minimap after Avalon the Archivist is slain.

The Phantom is passive until attacked for the first time. Throughout the entire fight, the corrupted Realm Eye in the room’s center will apply a Curse Curse aura within the arena whilst throwing red bombs that inflict Skull Sick at any players that attempt to flee the chamber. However, every 1.6 seconds the corrupted Realm Eye will also provide a flat 50 HP heal to nearby players.

Phase 1

The Corruption Phantom is initially invulnerable, tightly orbiting the room’s center in a clockwise direction while firing a clockwise spiral of Corruption Bolts that inflict Sick. Its minions, the Corruption Phantom Wisps, will be active in this phase.

The four variants of Corruption Phantom Wisps are spawned in 4 “waves”. Once the current wave has been defeated, the Phantom will deploy the next wave while visually shrinking in size.

  • Wave 1: Charger
  • Wave 2: Charger, Stalker
  • Wave 3: Charger, Stalker, Watcher
  • Wave 4: Charger, Stalker, Watcher, Ravager

Once all four waves of Wisps have been dispatched, the Corruption Phantom enters its second phase. If there are no players in the boss room, any alive Wisps will become Mithril Shield Invulnerable until a player enters.

Phase 2

Flashing red, the Phantom begins orbiting the room closer to the edges. It then becomes vulnerable and begins firing a 4-armed clockwise spiral of Corruption Bolts. While this is happening, it will also fire radial bursts of Slowing boomerang stars, as well as single, heavily damaging parametric orbs.

Note that the Corruption Phantom will randomly change the direction of its movement and the rotational direction of its spiralling attack during this phase.

Once the boss is killed, The Realm Eye is purified and the crack on the floor will disappear. The players can now ask The Realm Eye one question.



Corruption Phantom Wisp Charger Corruption Phantom Wisp Charger
Corruption Phantom Wisp Stalker Corruption Phantom Wisp Stalker
Corruption Phantom Wisp Watcher Corruption Phantom Wisp Watcher
Corruption Phantom Wisp Ravager Corruption Phantom Wisp Ravager

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Tips and Strategies

Circling in the middle is usually safe for the first phase, but beware of the minions that will spawn in. Kill them quickly to make the Phantom vulnerable. Your priority should be dodging the sick shots, if you don’t have the speed to circle and avoid them, or if you need to slow down to dodge minion shots. If you absolutely need to, you can duck back into the entrance corridor to heal up - just be aware of the sick bombs lobbed in your direction. Once the phantom is vulnerable, follow the phantom and deal damage while keeping an eye on its shots - beware of sudden direction changes.

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