Craig, Intern of the Mad God

Last updated: Release X.27.0.0
Craig, Intern of the Mad God

Craig, Intern of the Mad God (a Magic Sprite) is the only inhabitant of the Court of Oryx, which spawns after killing Janus the Doorwarden. Upon greeting players, he will open every Boss-Dungon portal. Those include the Puppet Master’s Encore, the Lair of Shaitan, and the Cnidarian Reef. For every christmas Deca Games has owned the game so far, the limited edition tomb will spawn for christmas, which is the Ice Tomb. He used to only spawn one boss dungeon randomly, but that was changed in release X.27.0.0.

He will occasionally appear in the Guild Hall. (See Special section for Guill).


“Oh. This is unexpected. We’ve never gotten anything like you before.”

“Well, before I explain how this all works, let me tell you that you can always say SKIP and we’ll just get on with it. Otherwise, just wait a sec while I get everything in order.”

“So, you’re probably here to see a member of the court. Problem is, I’m new here.”

“This is the deal: I open a door, we hope for the best, and no one tells Oryx. Cool? Alright! Let me get that for you.”

If a player says “SKIP”: “Ok, ok, jeeze. Give me a moment.”

“Ok, go up ahead and there should be a gate.”

If a player stays until the portal disappears: “What are you still doing here? Leave, before Oryx finds out!”

Oryx Horde

Craig appears in the Oryx Horde, seemingly attempting to summon oryx’s spirit into the Oryx Statue.


Craig Stern is the name of the person who composed the music for Realm of the Mad God.